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How Solar Works

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Solar Power Saves

There is often a misperception about how much going solar costs. When available tax credits, rebates, and incentives are combined with the energy savings and affordable financing options, people are often surprised at how affordable a solar power system truly is.

The primary financial benefit to a new solar power system is the electricity it generates.  By eliminating or lowering the amount of electricity that needs to be purchased from the grid, you are immediately able to recognize savings from a solar power system.  In addition, the cost for your solar power never increases making it easier to plan for your electricity expense.

In some states, net metering may provide additional value as utility bill credits can be generated for the excess power produced by your solar power system and Delivered​back to the electricity grid.

The experienced team at Con Edison Solutions can estimate some of the returns you might receive based on the balance between your electricity usage and the amount of electricity your solar power system is anticipated to generate, and we can discuss options for installing solar with no capital investment by your business with no upfront investment.

Con Edison Solutions will make the decision to go solar fun and easy.  We also understand and point you to the available tax incentives and financing options that can make your decision to go solar a smart one.

Right QuoteThe process was great all around…

I’ve had [my Con Edison Solutions solar power] system for [over] 2 years, and it has run without interruption for the whole time. It has generated about 15-18% more power than projected, and my electricity bills have dropped significantly, probably 80% or more.

I’ve recommended Con Edison Solutions (and SunPower panels) to several people and I will continue to. The process was great all around.”

~David Z.

Incentives Help Make Solar Power Affordable

The federal government and various states have programs in place that help reduce the cost of a new solar power system.  These programs were instituted to encourage sustainable energy in order to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation.  Solar, as a clean distributed generation resource, helps reduce the load on the electricity grid.  As a result, many utilities will also provide incentives.

  • The Federal Investment Tax Credit, or ITC, was put in place to encourage the installation of solar power systems by residential and commercial property owners. The ITC offers a tax credit against the income tax liability for owners of solar powered properties, but the incentive is scheduled to be phased out over the next few years.  If you are considering solar power, you should act quickly to take maximum advantage of the ITC.  Con Edison Solutions can make you aware of the current status of the ITC; however, we also recommend that you consult your tax advisor for more details on how this credit could impact your taxes.


  • Like the federal government, many state governments also have programs to help support the installation of solar power systems. What is offered and how it is structured depends upon the state.  Some states offer tax credits similar to how the ITC works, but others offer deductions on taxes and some provide rebates or other incentives.  Various state agencies administer the solar programs in the states where Con Edison Solutions operates.  We can advise you on the programs available in your state, but we recommend you speak with your financial or tax advisor to learn more about how these programs may be applied to your situation.

Commercial tax forms for owners of solar power systems to claim applicable tax incentives:

Download PDF   Federal 2019 Investment Credit
Download PDF   Instructions for completing Form 3468

Financing Can Mean Little or No Upfront Cost for Solar

When it comes to financing your custom-designed solar power system, Con Edison Solutions can help you take advantage of various programs that make solar power affordable for homeowners and commercial property owners.

  • You can choose to purchase your solar power system outright. Owning your solar power system permits you to receive the benefit of applicable tax credits and incentives available.  Once your system is installed, you would essentially pay nothing for the electricity it generates from the sun and will immediately begin to recoup your investment through savings on electricity bills.
  • Con Edison Solutions works with many different financing companies to offer loans for solar power systems. These financial firms offer loans for your solar power system for different terms at competitive rates, including no-money down options for commercial, not-for-profit, and residential applications.  Financing still allows you to benefit from applicable tax credits and incentives, and the savings on your electricity bills will offset some or all of your financing payments.
  • You may opt to lease the solar power equipment. For some, this is the best financing solution.  Con Edison Solutions can advise you on lease and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) options.  Leases and PPAs minimize upfront costs to your business by changing the structure of ownership, which also means that Con Edison Solutions is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the system for its lifetime.  While you may not be able to take advantage of the tax incentives (since Con Edison Solutions would be the system owner), it is an affordable way to have a solar power system installed and for you to quickly benefit from a low-cost source of clean, green electricity.

Once the solar power system has been paid for,
it is producing electricity essentially for free.

Be Rewarded for Referring a Friend

If you have family, friends, neighbors, or are a patron of a local business and know they are considering solar power for their home or business, simply fill out our form and provide their contact information. We will reach out to them to offer a free, no-obligation solar analysis.  If they go solar with Con Edison Solutions, we will pay you a referral fee – it’s a nice way to earn some green by helping friends go green. Click here to refer a friend or business.

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