Wind Energy

Wind power offers a clean energy solution
even when the sun is not shining.

Wind Energy

Wind energy has particular attributes that make it the ideal solution for certain clients and situations.  In certain circumstances, wind offers energy beyond what other renewable energy systems can provide.

The undertaking of wind energy development however is a fairly complex effort and for that reason, experience and expertise is crucial.  Feasibility studies (including wind resource assessments), permitting, government and community support, construction, and utility interconnection are all key elements that must be navigated before a wind energy system is brought on-line.

The Con Edison Solutions team has successfully engineered, installed, and managed wind energy systems for commercial, government, and large-scale utility applications. As with any renewable project we undertake, careful consultations are held with the client to fully understand their objectives.  After meeting with the client and understanding the objectives and related scope of the project, our team will make recommendations as to the potential system configuration.

Equally important, we also provide the guidance that many clients rely on when determining what wind energy system or renewable energy system makes the most financial sense and what ownership level they wish to have.  After all, while the sustainability aspects are always an important element in the decision to employ a renewable energy resource, it needs to make good financial sense as well.  Our team can help you understand all your options and maximize your project’s ROI.

To learn more about our various ownership options, view our Renewable Energy purchase options.

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