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Con Edison Solutions Has the Expertise to Make It Easy for You to Obtain All the Benefits of Renewable Energy.

Purchase Options

Implementing a renewable energy program provides environmental and financial benefits.  In addition to the choice of renewable technologies, there are also different options available regarding ownership and financing.  Con Edison Solutions has been assisting clients in meeting their renewable energy goals since 1997.

At Con Edison Solutions, our renewable energy experts work closely with our clients, essentially becoming an extension of their team.  Beginning with an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the client’s energy needs and financial objectives, our team will fully understand every aspect of the opportunity.  Key components are the client’s financial and ownership interests as each individual renewable energy program has unique benefits and cost structure.  Our team will then present findings and recommendations to will meet or exceed our client’s stated goals and objectives.  It is that expertise that our clients have come to rely on and has enabled us to become a leader in the industry.

Onsite Renewable Energy Programs

Installing solar onsite at the client’s property is a common option for solar.  While this arrangement provides many advantages, there are other options available that do not require that you own the system.  An onsite Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) provides many benefits of a renewable energy system without obligations for upfront capital expenditure or ongoing operation and maintenance.  Of course, if there is a desire to own the system, we can assist with that as well with our Engineering, Procurement, and Construction option.  Under a customer ownership model, options exist for the customer to pay for the system at completion or finance it through a variety of mechanisms.

Learn more about our onsite renewable energy options below:

Engineering, Procurement and Construction
Onsite Power Purchase Agreement

Offsite Renewable Energy Programs

If your property is not suitable for construction of a renewable energy system to meet your requirements, you may still be able to take advantage of all the benefits that a renewable energy system has to offer.  The same is true if you don’t own your property or simply don’t want to have the system onsite.  Regardless of the reason, at Con Edison Solutions we offer a variety of offsite renewable energy programs for businesses and consumers that may still enable you to achieve your sustainability and energy savings objectives.

Learn about our how an offsite renewable energy program can help you;

Offsite Power Purchase Agreement
Community Solar
Energy Advisory

See how our expert team has helped our customers meet their renewable energy needs in our case studies.

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