Onsite Power Purchase Agreements

A Con Edison Solutions’ Onsite Power Purchase Agreement Eliminates Upfront Costs of Renewable Energy Generation.

Onsite Power Purchase Agreements

If you are interested in a renewable power system on your property but are concerned with the initial capital required, an onsite Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) should be considered.  At Con Edison Solutions, we have extensive experience providing onsite PPAs for our clients.

We understand that commercial and industrial entities, government institutions, and educational and healthcare facilities need to reduce expenses while improving operations.  The biggest challenge often is finding the capital to do so while supporting other initiatives.  Our clients may also have specific sustainability objectives.  A Con Edison Solutions’ onsite PPA allows our clients the ability to obtain green, sustainable energy at a reduced price for the term of the agreement without any initial capital outlay.  In addition to not having any upfront costs, all the maintenance and care for the renewable energy system is provided by Con Edison Solutions.

Visit our case studies to see how others have benefited from a PPA from Con Edison Solutions.

Contact us to learn more about how a Con Edison Solutions solar or wind onsite PPA can help you make the move to renewable power.

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