Offsite Power Purchase Agreements

An Offsite Power Purchase Agreement from Con Edison Solutions Brings the Benefits of Renewable Energy to Your Business.

Offsite Power Purchase Agreements

For clients wishing to implement a renewable energy system but who are either limited by property constraints or simply don’t wish to have the system onsite, Con Edison Solutions offers an offsite PPA. Like a traditional PPA, this option requires no upfront capital while providing the client with a lower energy cost. Unlike a traditional PPA, however, it is not limited by the capacity of the client's property to host a renewable energy installation.

Using experience gained from developing large utility-scale solar and wind farms, our professional team of engineers will design and construct the renewable energy facility to meet the specific needs of the client. That customer will then obtain the green, sustainable energy produced from the offsite facility at a negotiated price for a specified period of time. Con Edison Solutions would own the facility and pay the costs to engineer and construct the facility as well as manage the operations and maintenance of the facility.

Contact us to learn more about how Con Edison Solutions makes it even easier for your business to benefit from renewable energy by using an offsite PPA.

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