Energy Storage

Energy storage maximizes the impact of a renewable power system.

Energy Storage

Renewable energy systems generate power when the sources that fuel them are present.  Given the nature of those sources, that might not always be the case.  During the times when solar and wind systems are producing at maximum output, energy storage enables clients to take full advantage of the energy generated regardless of when it was produced.  Doing so maximizes the utilization of a renewable energy system, and depending on local rates and regulatory incentives, may produce a higher return on investment.

The most common mechanism to store energy is batteries.  As with all new technologies, battery development is rapidly evolving as are system implementation options and costs have been declining rapidly.  Whether you have a renewable energy system already in place or are just getting started, we have the expertise to integrate an energy storage system into your existing installation or into the design of an entirely new system.  With more than 2 MW of batteries already deployed, our team is familiar with current offerings in energy storage, and can help educate and advise clients on the right solution for their particular application.  If maximizing the output of your renewable energy system is important to you, talk to the energy experts on our team.

For large commercial entities or government facilities please contact us to learn more about our energy storage options.

For small businesses or homeowners in Connecticut, Massachusetts, or New York, please contact our wholly-owned subsidiary Ross Solar.