Energy Advisory

Energy advisory and procurement services.

Energy Advisory

Con Edison Solutions works with you to analyze your energy usage patterns, understand your energy objectives and risk tolerance, and evaluate the current energy market.  We can then identify trusted energy suppliers and advise you on a cost-effective procurement plan for your organization.  With more than 20 years of experience in competitive energy markets, we can advise clients on procurement options that meet their needs for budget certainty, minimizing costs, or a blend of procurement approaches customized to the client’s needs.

As part of your sustainability goals, we can make sure that any energy procurement plan includes green power.  This may include power from wind, solar or hydro-power sources.  These energy supply options can replace traditional electricity sources or augment any onsite renewable power generation at your facility.

Whether you manage a commercial, institutional or government facility, Con Edison Solutions can help you achieve your sustainability objectives, energy budget goals, and price predictability needs by identifying suppliers who will match your energy portfolio with your risk profile.

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