Community Solar

Bringing the benefits of solar to more homes and businesses.

Community Solar

Con Edison Solutions’ renewable energy programs encompass a complete spectrum of products and services.  The availability of community solar, or shared solar, is but one example of our commitment to bring renewable energy to those consumers who might not otherwise be able to obtain the benefits of solar energy.  Community Solar is a centrally-located solar facility that lets individuals and businesses, within a defined geographic area, share in the energy produced from a green, sustainable source.

Con Edison Solutions’ community solar program provides many of the same environmental benefits to the planet of an onsite solar energy system.  Equally important, our Community Solar program offers the financial benefits as well.


Con Edison Solutions is interested in developing community solar facilities in New York, Massachusetts and Minnesota to serve residents and businesses in those states with a green alternative for the electricity they use.  We are looking to identify property that may be appropriate for a community solar facility.  A low-impact community solar facility developed on your property could provide long-term lease payments to you while helping to add clean, green energy to the electricity grid.

If you own ten (10) or more contiguous acres, or a building with an unobstructed flat roof of 150,000 square feet or more, your property may be a good candidate for a community solar facility.  This is a great opportunity to turn unused or idle property into a revenue generator.  Additionally, given that a community solar facility is a quiet, clean source for green, sustainable energy, it provides the satisfaction of positively contributing to the surrounding community.

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