An alternative to other renewable energy sources.

Biomass Energy

As a full-service energy services company, Con Edison Solutions’ expertise extends beyond traditional renewable energy options.  Experience with biomass energy is another example of our ability to look beyond the conventional solution to meet the needs of our clients.

When the right components are available, biomass provides an alternative energy source not often considered.  Often incorporated as part of part of an overall energy efficiency project, biomass is an attractive renewable energy source under the right circumstances.  By utilizing available organic waste, including lumber or paper mill by-products, energy can be generated from sources that might otherwise have been sent to landfills to decompose or trucked away for other, less-efficient uses.  With clean-energy boiler systems (implemented as part of the upgrade), emissions are lower than utilizing oil or coal and costs are greatly reduced for the client.

Given the uniqueness of biomass energy systems and the variables that must be considered in implementing such a system, vendor expertise is paramount.  Our team has experience in successfully engineering and constructing biomass-fueled energy systems for government, education and commercial applications.

If you are considering an energy project and think that biomass may be an option, contact us and our energy experts will fully evaluate and assess all options to meet or exceed your energy goals.

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