How We Work

Con Edison Solutions employs an integrated team
approach to each and every project we develop.

How We Work

Working closely with our clients, Con Edison Solutions employs an integrated team approach to each project. After we assemble our project team, including account management, engineering, project management, and construction management. We then follow a meticulous engagement process making certain the client is kept informed and involved to the level they wish to be at every step of the way.

We take on all the tasks necessary to identify, implement, and monitor our renewable energy projects. Applicable rebates and incentives will be identified and applied and, if requested, appropriate project financing can also be arranged.

We offer a full turn-key solution to any energy project we develop for our clients.

Our Project Management Process

Each project Con Edison Solutions develops is as unique as the requirements for implementing it. There are however, consistent steps in the methodology.

1. Preliminary Energy Assessment (PEA)
Preliminary evaluation of existing conditions and assessment of energy savings opportunities. Estimated installation costs and operational savings are calculated.

2. Investment Grade Audit (IGA)
A comprehensive analysis of those energy initiatives of interest to the client, typically a subset of all the initiatives identified during the PEA.  Potential savings and firm implementation costs are outlined.

3. Contract
Based on detailed energy audit results and the goals of our client, an agreement is developed. This may result in a design-build contract or an energy savings performance contract (ESPC).  Baseline energy cost-saving projections are established and where financing is desired by the client, financing costs determined.

4. Engineering and Design
Integrated approach with life-cycle cost assessment.  Renewable initiatives are incorporated into the design specifications when requested.

5. Project Construction Plan
A detailed project construction schedule is provided that describes all steps in the process, including project milestones, client review, as well as meeting and construction schedules.

6. Construction
     Con Edison Solutions is the on-site general contractor managing the work.

7. System Commissioning
All installed systems are tested to ensure they meet specifications.

8. Facility Staff Training
When necessary, staff is trained to operate any new equipment in accordance with specifications.

9. Measurement, Monitoring & Verification (M&V)
Where appropriate and desired by the client, systems are monitored to verify that actual savings are consistent with promised performance.

10. Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
If requested, Con Edison Solutions can provide all of the operations and maintenance services required to support the efficiency improvements.

Project Results: Measurement & Verification (M&V)

Con Edison Solutions’ reputation for delivering excellence, the first time and every time, is supported by using the widely recognized International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP) to assess the performance of the completed work for measurable, verifiable, and bankable results.

From the initial design and engineering process through commissioning and operations, we evaluate the project and make sure it is meeting our standards and satisfying our clients’ financial energy and environmental objectives.

For those projects for which we retain responsibility for the operations and maintenance, we continue to measure performance to make sure the project continues to deliver the promised results.


Make Measurable Results a Part of Your Energy Future.

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