Commercial Solar

Businesses can reduce operating costs and achieve budget certainty while demonstrating a commitment to the environment with a solar PPA or EPC.

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Residential Solar

Homeowners in the northeast can lower electricity costs and help preserve the environment by installing a custom solar power system.

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Community Solar

Enrolling in Community Solar lets businesses, renters and home owners save money while supporting development of local green power.

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Solar solutions to meet your electricity needs and budget objectives while supporting environmental goals.

At Con Edison Solutions, we have more than a decade of experience designing, building and operating rooftop, ground mounted and carport solar power systems as well as developing centrally located solar facilities for virtual power purchase agreements and community solar.  Our solar experts will work to fully understand your goals, consider all applicable rebates and incentives, and ultimately propose the ideal solar solution for your needs.


  • If you are a small business or resident in the communities where we offer Community Solar, Con Edison Solutions is able to help you go solar without installing any panels.
  • If you are a homeowner in Connecticut, Massachusetts or New York and are interested in learning how a solar power system can help meet your financial and environmental goals, Con Edison Solutions has the expertise to help you go solar.
  • If you are a commercial property owner in the U.S., Con Edison Solutions has solar solutions designed to turn an underutilized asset like a roof, brownfield, or parking garage into a vital contributor to the bottom line while demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.

Over 10 Years experience

We offer custom design and installation services for complete turnkey solar power systems, with or without battery storage.  We offer leasing options, financing options or outright purchases of solar power systems.  And we have solar solutions that have little or no upfront costs. No matter what your needs and objectives are for solar power, Con Edison Solutions can help you go solar.

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