Residential Solar Energy Done Right.


At Con Edison Solutions, we understand the unique features and benefits of residential solar.  It is for that reason that our residential solar program is handled by our wholly-owned subsidiary, Ross Solar.

Ross Solar is uniquely positioned to service residential solar customers.  In fact, Ross Solar was recently ranked #1 by Connecticut Green Bank*.  As a subsidiary company of Con Edison Solutions, Ross Solar has the financial backing of a leading energy company.  Additionally, by focusing on servicing customers only in the Northeast, Ross Solar has the local knowledge and expertise that other large, national suppliers simply cannot match.  Everything from local zoning laws, permitting, utility interconnection, and even the weather are important considerations for a smooth project experience.  In short, Ross solar offers homeowners peace of mind as they work with a trustworthy company to install solar panels on their most valuable asset.

If you own a home in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts or downstate New York, learn more about the Ross Solar Advantage.

In selected communities, Con Edison Solutions is developing centrally-located community or shared solar projects. Community Solar allows local residents to get many of the benefits of solar power without installing panels on a roof. If you are interested in community solar, please contact us.

*Ross Solar was ranked #1 for having installed more consumer-owned solar power systems in the state of CT than any other installer.