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Residential Solar

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Solar is the Answer to Rising Residential Electricity Costs

As a homeowner, you may be all too familiar with rising energy costs, but there is a way to lower your home’s cost of energy and protect against future rate increases.  For more than a decade, Con Edison Solutions, has been helping homeowners like you lower their electricity bill with an affordable solar power system.   Solar benefits begin as soon as your solar power system is turned on.  And those solar advantages can last for decades.

A solar power system from Con Edison Solutions:


  • Lowers You Electricity Bill
  • Protects Against Rate Hikes
  • Makes You Eligible for Money-Saving Tax Credits
  • Increases Your Homes Resale Value*
Right QuoteWe are enjoying the savings…

I did my research on solar installers before going with [Con Edison Solutions]. I could not be more pleased with the entire process from beginning to end.  I would not hesitate to recommend [Con Edison Solutions] to anyone considering installing a solar system. My system has been working great without a glitch. We are enjoying the savings on our electric bill and the solar system has raised the value of our home. My only regret is I should have done this sooner.”

~Mike P.

Now is the Best Time to Go Solar

Timing is everything. Electricity bills aren’t going away. Every year you wait is another year of potentially paying more for the electricity you use. Installing a solar power system ensures that you get the maximum benefit from your energy budget. It’s also important to note that while solar panel efficiency has increased over recent years, solar panel costs are near their all-time low. In addition, some incentives and rebates are scheduled to expire so you do not want to miss out on any of the financial benefits of purchasing now.

A variety of financing options allow some customers to install a system with no upfront cost. The savings from the electricity that the solar power system generates can be used to offset your loan payments, essentially having solar pay for itself.  Con Edison Solutions stays on top of technical developments as well as legislative changes impacting the solar industry and can help you understand how these may impact your decision to go solar.

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According to a study by, homes with solar sell for an average of nearly $10,000 more than non-solar homes.

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Solar Power for Your Home Even When the Sun Doesn’t Shine

Residential energy storage (batteries) offers a way to unlock the full potential of a solar array. Solar paired with batteries offers numerous benefits:

  • Power when the sun is not shining. At night you can draw from the stored energy in the battery and not rely upon drawing electricity from the grid – further reducing your electricity supply cost. The batteries then recharge when your solar array is at peak output.
  • Energy during a power outage. Unfortunately, power outages are not uncommon. To keep the lights on during a blackout, homeowners have had to run generators, which are noisy and require a supply of fuel.  A properly-configured solar plus battery system can change that so that you are able to quietly draw power from the stored energy.
  • Lower peaks in energy usage. In some areas, peak demand charges may apply to residential customers, now or in the future.  Some utilities are also beginning to implement residential time-of-use rates.  Batteries can be used to lower peak demand and they can supply power during high rate periods, both of which may save some homeowners money.

Con Edison Solutions offers storage solutions from leading battery manufacturers, including Tesla and Generac.  Con Edison Solutions has extensive experience matching battery storage with solar and can design and install a fully integrated energy storage solution to meet your needs.

Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

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Peace of Mind for a Lifetime

Con Edison Solutions is known for its custom residential solar designs, expert installation, superior service, and quality equipment from major solar suppliers.  Con Edison Solutions is also the only solar company able to leverage a two hundred-year corporate heritage, so you can be assured we will be around to support your needs now and in the future.  Our energy expertise, integrity, and financial stability is unmatched in the solar industry.

For each solar power system we sell, you will receive a manufacturer warranty of 25 years on the solar panels and long-term manufacturers’ warranties on other major equipment used in your solar power system.

In addition, Con Edison Solutions provides a 10-year workmanship warranty that covers the installation of your solar power system. In the unlikely event there is a problem with the installation, our workmanship warranty has you covered.

You can count on your system to perform. Your solar power system is not the only thing we stand behind. As part of our design process, Con Edison Solutions will provide a computer-modeled production estimate of what your system will produce. We do something that is often lacking in other solar power system quotes, we guarantee the output of your solar power system! We understand that your decision to go solar is predicated on how that system will perform and Con Edison Solutions ensures you get the performance you were expecting.

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You Can Even Go Solar without Installing Panels

In select communities, Con Edison Solutions has Community Solar facilities.  For residents in that service territory, they can enroll in the program which will lower their electricity costs while they support local solar development.  There are no long-term commitments or anything for subscribers to install or maintain.  It is the perfect solutions if you rent or are unable to install panels on the roof of your home. 

Learn More About Community Solar

* From a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, titled “Selling into the sun: Price premium analysis of a multi-state dataset of solar homes”
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