Residential Solar

Residential Solar Energy Done Right.

Residential Solar

Con Edison Solutions’ residential solar team has been meeting the solar needs of homeowners in Connecticut, and portions of Massachusetts and New York, for more than a decade.

With a focus on the northeast, we have the deep local knowledge and expertise that large national suppliers simply cannot match.  Everything from state incentives, local zoning laws, permitting, utility interconnection, and even the weather are important considerations for a smooth project experience. 

As part of Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses, we are the only solar company that can draw upon a nearly 200 year corporate heritage in energy as well as the financial strength and stability Con Edison Solutions can offer.  We will be here to service you long after the solar power system is installed.  With a name like Con Edison Solutions behind it, you know that you can trust your solar installation.

If you own a home in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, or downstate New York, we would be happy to evaluate whether your home is a good candidate for solar.  If solar is a fit for your home, we will provide a free proposal that demonstrates how much you may be able to save with a new solar power system from Con Edison Solutions. 

In selected communities, Con Edison Solutions is developing centrally-located community (shared) solar projects. Community Solar allows local residents to get many of the benefits of solar power without installing panels on a roof.  This can be a great alternative for renters, condo owners, and others that cannot put solar on their residence.

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