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Our renewable power systems reduce energy costs, while demonstrating a commitment to the health of the environment.

Hospitals & Healthcare

Hospital and healthcare administrators and their facility managers have common challenges when operating and maintaining their facilities and meeting the stringent regulatory requirements of the Joint Commission and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  Maintaining a high level of patient care and comfort, while reducing operating costs, is often one of the greatest challenges.  Overcoming this challenge, while at the same time improving regulatory compliance, requires a consultant with expertise in hospital operation and design.

Con Edison Solutions has had tremendous success helping hospital administrators achieve the highest levels of excellence and attain their goals for infrastructure improvement and operating cost reduction.  Though our comprehensive and low-risk Design/Build services, custom Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) programs, as well as consulting, engineering, infrastructure planning, and utility optimization, we have enabled hospital and healthcare facilities to meet or exceed their energy and operational goals.

In addition, our renewable power systems reduce energy costs while demonstrating a commitment to the health of the environment.

Learn more about how an ESPC program with Con Edison Solutions can help revitalize your hospital infrastructure.

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Con Edison Solutions ESPC

Administrators from the Veterans Integrated Service Network Six (VISN 6), a network of seven Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMCs) in West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina, chose to pursue an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) to reduce their energy consumption while upgrading their energy infrastructure and equipment. Con Edison Solutions delivered a comprehensive ESPC program that helped the VAMC staff achieve their mission of delivering high-quality comfort and care to our U.S. military service veterans and their visitors.

31% Energy Reduction 18% Water and Sewage Production

By implementing a full range of energy conservation measures, Con Edison Solutions eliminated years of deferred energy infrastructure maintenance and reduced energy and water use across seven VAMCs in three states. The Con Edison Solutions ESPC program achieved a source-adjusted energy reduction of 31% (380,224 MMBtu) and a reduction of water/sewage of 18% (48,686 kgal) in its first year, compared to the FY 2015 baseline.

We offer energy savings programs that can be implemented with no upfront capital and can achieve many of your healthcare facility administration goals including:

  • Meeting or exceeding the Joint Commission’s Gold Standard and quality expectations for patient care and comfort
  • Enhancing the work environment for staff and the recuperative environment for patients
  • Reducing operating room and medical equipment downtime resulting from equipment maintenance issues
  • Reducing service delivery disruption as a result of equipment performance and operational issues
  • Improving Operation and Maintenance (O&M) procedures and reducing related costs

Learn more about our full range of energy services for your hospital facilities:

Energy Efficiency Consulting
Design & Build
Energy Savings Performance Contracting
Renewable Energy Options

View our case studies to learn more about how others have used our energy services programs to meet their energy reduction and facility improvement goals.

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