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Solar is Good for the Bottom Line

Con Edison Solutions provides complete renewable energy systems for commercial clients.  Our team is comprised of career energy experts. We understand that energy needs are essential to any business.  Solar power for businesses and other commercial clients can be particularly advantageous, since peak electricity billing demand periods often overlap with peak solar energy production hours.  In addition, supporting or utilizing green energy often provides a competitive advantage since clients and employees often appreciate a company committed to improving the environment.

Using solar power results in lower operating costs through the reduced use of grid-supplied electricity.  It creates more budget certainty and it can also lead to incremental revenue by leveraging your use of clean, green energy when marketing to potential customers. 

Right QuoteUnwavering commitment to quality…

[Con Edison Solutions’] unwavering commitment to quality, customer service, and full transparency, together with their expertise in navigating the complexities of large scale [commercial] solar installations in New York City, made them the right partner for our high-profile renewable energy projects.

~Peter C.

Panels are Just the Beginning

At Con Edison Solutions, we know solar is not just about the panels. We pay special attention to the small details that provide the quality difference in an installation. We design your system using premium hardware and materials to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free service. We plan the installation so that it minimizes the impact on your operations.   We then stand behind your installation with equipment manufacturers’ warranties, our workmanship warranty, and our production guarantee all of which offer you peace-of-mind in your solar power system decision.

At Con Edison Solutions, we utilize a team approach to every project.  Your team will include project managers, engineers, and designers that will run your project from start to finish.  Our energy experts and engineers have designed solar power systems for a diverse group of commercial properties, businesses, and municipal facilities. As a solutions-oriented company, we are often called upon to solve challenges other companies won’t take on. As a result, there are few circumstances we haven’t experienced. Whether you need us to be focused on efficiency, maximum power, or quickest payback, we will design for an efficient and effective solution. 

Current tax forms for owners of solar power systems to claim applicable tax incentives:

Download PDF Federal 2019 Investment Credit
Download PDF Instructions for completing Form 3468
Gain energy independence and hedge against future rate hikes

If there is anything predictable about electricity rates, it is that they increase over time. By having your business switch to solar, you can reduce or eliminate the amount of electricity supplied by your utility. Once you have gone solar, the cost for your solar energy is known. Solar power offers a predictable and worry-free source of energy for your business, an on-site hedge against rising utility costs!  And a variety of financing options can provide many businesses a new solar installation with no capital investment.

Jetro Cash and Carry saved over $200,000 in energy expenses annually!
After installing solar, Jetro Cash and Carry – Bronx, N.Y. is saving over $220,000 in energy expenses annually!

Net Metering Gives You Back Even More Funds

Your business may not need all of the energy produced from the solar power system. This surplus energy will go back into the electricity grid – and in states that offer net metering, the utility will give you a credit for the power you deliver to the grid. Con Edison Solutions can advise you on what programs are available in your area as well as how to best leverage this solar power benefit.

Improve Your Sustainability

Being an environmentally friendly business can be important to your business’s success.  Many customers prefer doing business with a sustainability–minded company.

If you make your customers, employees and investors aware that your company is investing in solar power, it gives your company an environmentally responsible image – and that can result in more business. Con Edison Solutions is dedicated to installing solar panels that produce clean, safe, and reliable energy every day – helping your business reap the rewards of going solar for years to come.

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88% of consumers will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues.
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Creating a Bright Future for a Bright Horizons Facility

Learn how Con Edison Solutions brought the benefits of solar to Stamford CT

Enhance Your Solar Power System and Help Maintain Operations with Energy Storage

Commercial energy storage systems can provide power when your business’s solar panels are not actively generating electricity. Batteries enable your business to store energy from your business’s solar power system. You can then draw upon that stored solar energy when the sun is not shining.

Con Edison Solutions has extensive experience in solar power storage and can design and install a fully integrated storage solution for commercial solar power systems. These batteries, when paired with a solar installation, offer numerous benefits:

  1. Power when the sun is not shining. At night, or on less productive days for your solar power system, you can draw from the stored energy in the battery and not solely rely on electricity drawn from the grid – further reducing your business’s electricity supply cost. The batteries would then be recharged when the solar array is at peak output.
  2. Electricity during a power outage. Businesses have typically had to rely upon generators as backup power systems in the event of a power outage. A battery storage system, when properly integrated with solar, can change that as your business can instead draw power from the stored energy.
  3. Smoothing of demand. Peak demand measured by the utility may be reduced by using energy from a battery – lowering demand charges your business might otherwise incur. If your business can take advantage of time-of-use rates, batteries can supply power during high rate periods — again lowering the cost of operations for your business.

At Con Edison Solutions, we offer commercial battery systems that incorporate batteries from leading manufactures.  We do not design one system to fit all businesses.  Our commercial energy storage systems are custom designed to meet your technical needs, energy goals, and budget.  It’s another reason why more businesses that are considering solar rely on the experts at Con Edison Solutions.

Battery Storage
A Solid ROI

The cost of solar panels and related components continues to decline.  In addition, the Federal Investment Tax Credit, and often state incentives, are still available to reduce the cost of a new commercial solar power system further.  There are also financing options enabling you to install a solar power system for little or no upfront capital – letting you keep your capital for the operations of the business. 

Depending on the scope of the solar power system, electricity usage and cost of installation, your solar power system can break even within five to ten years.  After the system costs have been recouped, the electricity generated by the solar power system is at no cost.  Since the average solar power system from Con Edison Solutions is productive for decades, your business can benefit from no cost, clean solar power for years.  If the system is financed, the savings can begin on day one.

Options Designed Around Your Business’ Needs

Making the move to a renewable energy system is not as costly as many believe.  Technology costs have fallen dramatically over the last decade.  There are also incentives that can reduce the costs significantly.  Financing and third-party ownership options can be arranged as an alternative to an up-front purchase of the installation.  Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) can bring you the benefits of solar without the cost of owning the system and, in some communities, your business may be able to subscribe to one of our community solar programs.  The many options for incorporating solar, and the many benefits it can bring, make it compelling for any business to consider.

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