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Solar Energy Options for Commercial Applications.

Commercial & Industrial Solar Applications

Con Edison Solutions provides complete renewable energy systems for commercial clients.  Our team is comprised of career energy experts. We understand that energy needs are essential to any business.  Solar power for commercial clients can be particularly advantageous, since peak electricity billing demand periods often overlap with peak solar energy production hours.  In addition, supporting or utilizing green energy often provides a competitive advantage since clients and employees often appreciate a company committed to improving the environment.

Reduce Operating Costs and Carbon

Making the move to renewable energy will help reduce your company’s energy usage and reliance on grid-supplied power, often resulting in lower energy costs.  It can also provide power from a clean, sustainable source, enabling your company to reduce the carbon footprint locally and improve its standing with staff as well as the greater community.  Learn more about what other organizations have done to reduce energy costs or “go green” by checking out some of our case studies.

A Simple Process to Implement a Renewable Energy System

At Con Edison Solutions, we utilize a team approach to every project.  Your project team includes project managers, engineers, and designers that collaboratively run your project from start to finish.  It is a transparent and turnkey process that enables our clients to concentrate on their operations while we manage the entire solar project.  Equally important, our team is highly sensitive to the importance of minimizing any disruption to business operations.

Flexible Financing Options and Zero Down Options

Solar installed at your business provides a built-in hedge against future electricity rate increases.  Making the move to a renewable energy system is not as costly as many believe.  Technology costs have fallen dramatically over the last decade.  There are also incentives that can reduce the costs significantly.  Financing and third-party ownership options can be arranged as an alternative to an up-front purchase of the installation.  Combining a reduction in energy usage with the resultant utility bill savings, many systems can be cost neutral or show an immediate savings.  Learn more about Con Edison Solutions’ renewable energy purchase options.

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