Energy Storage

Energy storage helps maximize economic value, meet sustainability goals.

Energy Storage

Con Edison Solutions Battery Storage

Con Edison Battery Storage is a world-class energy storage products and applications company.  Our products and services help to reduce customers’ carbon footprint, improve energy resiliency, while delivering the greatest possible economic value, and supporting grid stability and sustainability.

L1000 Internal

Flexible, holistic approach delivers economic value. We work with you to determine how energy storage capabilities can best offer you a clean, sustainable solution and drive benefits to your bottom line. All major energy storage applications are supported, including solar + storage, peak shaving, load shifting, demand response, microgrid, backup, frequency regulation, renewable energy support, and power factor correction.

Intelligent, adaptive controls simplify use. Machine learning and AI principles drive our patented software controls. We use model predictive control to optimize for energy and operating costs, looking not only at building energy use, but also at factors such as tariff rates and weather. Con Edison Battery Storage solutions are designed specifically to integrate with building automation systems, for streamlined use and maximum benefit.

Scalable solutions fit your precise needs. Choose from in-building and containerized energy storage systems appropriate for your site and application.

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L1000 In Building Distributed Energy Storage System

The L1000 Energy Storage System is a complete and scalable battery-based energy storage solution. It is a compact and cost effective indoor solution for smaller energy storage needs, and delivers all the benefits of advanced battery technology and in-depth building expertise in a small, flexible footprint. The L1000 employs a modular design for a scalable approach and can be configured in individual units from 50kWh to 250kWh in increments of 45kWh that can be paired together to provide flexibility.


L2000 Modular Distributed Energy Storage System

The L2000 Energy Storage System is a containerized solution that is appropriate for large buildings, campuses, enterprises and utility applications. It is a complete energy storage system, including batteries, controls, HVAC, fire detection and suppression that is installed outdoors and connected to the electrical service. The L2000 employs a modular design for a scalable approach and can be configured from 150kWh to 5000kWh.


SU50 Battery Storage

The SU50 offers commercial customers continuous 50kW output for up to four hours. A single package contains the 50kW inverter, batteries, Emergency Power Off (EPO) switch, application controls and meter. Patented controls use machine learning to deploy the battery for greatest economic value in applications such as peak shaving or solar + storage. The SU50 employs a modular design for a scalable approach and can be configured from 50kWh to 200kWh.