Energy Storage

Energy storage helps maximize economic value, meet sustainability goals.
Con Edison Battery Storage - A con Edison Clean Energy Business

Con Edison Battery Storage. Flexibility and Stability.

Con Edison Battery Storage is a leader in both utility-scale and commercial/industrial energy storage. Con Edison Battery Storage has done it all: offering behind the meter utility bill optimization, solar + storage, and ancillary and capacity services. Every energy storage project and market is different, which is why we have developed capabilities to address all value streams in key U.S. markets and Canada.

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Experienced, bankable partner with renewables expertise.

We are a developer of storage projects with the mentality of an asset owner, treating each project as if it were our own. We employ the same care and diligence for client projects that we use for the projects in our own portfolio. As one of the largest owners/s of solar in North America, we understand how to integrate battery storage for the most economical output and maintainability over the life of the asset. Through this experience in renewables, we offer multiple commercial options: long term offtake agreements, build/transfer, and turnkey integration.

We are energy storage experts.

We know battery storage systems; for the last decade we have engineered, integrated, developed software for, and procured battery storage systems.  We have also evaluated the best technology partners in the industry to offer to our customers. Our in-house engineering experts are rooted in automobile and stationary battery industries, and  utilize our dedicated battery lab test new and future battery technology advancements for energy storage, staying one step ahead of the industry.. Our team offers value and services such as modeling and economic analysis, design, and engineering support, as well as construction and O&M.

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