Energy Efficiency Consulting

With our expertise, you gain insight into how to upgrade and replace old inefficient facility equipment.

Energy Efficiency Consulting

With Con Edison Solutions, our clients rely on the processes we’ve developed and appreciate our real-world energy efficiency solutions. We’ll consult with our clients to explain how we would employ energy services to improve, upgrade, and/or replace energy infrastructure equipment in their facilities in the following key areas:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Structural

Through our consultative philosophy of vendor and technology independence, we regularly engineer facility upgrades and/or improvements for lighting (and lighting controls), heating, cooling and ventilation, water conservation, roof replacement, wall insulation, motors, drives, windows, doors, distributed generation, and renewable power systems.

Other energy efficiency and cost improvements include rate adjustments, advanced metering, and plug-load reductions.

Quick Benefits of Energy Efficiency

With sustainability in mind, through our energy efficiency consulting, our clients learn how to reduce energy consumption in facility operations, preserve natural and financial resources, and reduce environmental impacts—often without major upfront capital expenditure.

Energy efficiency/conservation efforts may result in the following benefits to your organization:

  • Increased retention of financial capital
  • Improved operational processes
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced environmental impact of energy use
  • Improved facility comfort
  • Improved resiliency

Funding Deferred Maintenance and Facility Revitalization

As a result of budget constraints, facility-related deferred maintenance and capital equipment replacement needs are often difficult to quantify and resolve. Let Con Edison Solutions’ team help you revitalize your facilities without capital funding through a customized project. We’ll leverage your energy savings as funds that can be used to improve your energy infrastructure and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) activities.

Our Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Expertise

We understand that, while your organization’s main mission may not be energy-related, to be successful it is often important to minimize the cost of the energy your organization uses. Since we are not a manufacturer of any products, Con Edison Solutions provides a full spectrum of energy and building technology solutions, accessing the best vendors to maximize the value of energy across your specific organization.

We’ll optimize your energy infrastructure so you can stay focused on your core mission.

Our ever-growing expertise in energy technologies and services for facilities continues to drive innovation within our engineering team, including in the following capabilities:

Advanced Metering Systems
Air Conditioning and Heating Units with Ground-coupled Heat Pump Systems
Air Filtration Systems
Air-Cooled Ice/Refrigeration Systems
Alternative Water Systems (e.g., Rainwater Harvesting, Reclaimed Wastewater, and Condensate Capture)
Appliance Plug-load Reductions
Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
Automatic Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
Best Practices to Use Metered Data to Improve Building Performance
Biomass Generation Systems
Boiler Control, Including New Controls and Retrofits to Existing Controls
Boiler Decentralization
Boilers (High Efficiency)
Building Automation Systems (BMS/EMCS)
Building Envelope Measures
Central Plants for Boilers and Chillers
Chiller Plant Pumping, Piping, and Controls Retrofits and Replacements
Chiller Retrofits or Replacements
Cogeneration Systems
Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Compliance with Standards and Requirements
Compressed Air Systems
Condensate Return Systems
Continuous Commissioning Services
Cooling Tower and Steam Boiler System Water Management
Cooling Tower Retrofits or Replacements
De-lamp Vending Machines
Design/Build Services for Energy Systems
Distribution System Leak Detection and Repair
Domestic Hot Water Systems
Electric Distribution Systems
Electrical Peak Shaving/Load Shifting
Emergency Backup Generation
Energy Auditing Services
Energy Cost Reduction through Rate Adjustments
Energy Feasibility Studies
Energy Optimization Services
Energy Performance Contracting
Energy Procurement Advisory
Energy Rebate and Incentive Processing
Energy Related Process Improvements
Energy Service Agreements
Energy Service Billing and Meter Auditing Recommendations
Energy Star® Products
Energy Storage Systems
Environmental Services
Fans and Pump Replacement or Impeller Trimming
Fiber Optic Lighting Technologies
Fuel Cell Systems
Gas Cooling Systems
Gas Distribution Systems
Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems
High-Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures (e.g., Toilets, Urinals, Faucets, and Showerheads)
Hot Water Heater Repair and Replacement
Humidification/Dehumidification Systems
HVAC and Mechanical Solutions
HVAC Damper and Controller Repair or Replacement
HVAC Upgrade From Pneumatics to Direct Digital Control
Hydroelectric Generation
Industrial Process Improvement
Insulation Installation
Intelligent Lighting Controls
Interior and Exterior Lighting Retrofits and Replacements
Landfill Gas, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Digester Gas, and Coal Bed Methane Power Plants
LEED™ Consulting
Light Emitting Diode Technologies
Lighting and Lighting Control Systems
Measurement and Verification (M&V)
Motor Replacement with High Efficiency Motors
Motors, Drives and Pumps
Occupancy Sensors
Offsite Power Purchase Agreements
On-Site Sewer Treatment Systems
Packaged Air Conditioning Unit Replacements
Passive Solar Heating
Piping Insulation
Plug Timers
Power Factor Correction
Power Quality Upgrades
Production and/or Manufacturing Improvements
Recycling and Other Waste Stream Reductions
Reflective Solar Window Tinting
Refrigeration Systems
Renewable Energy Credits
Solar Hot Water Systems
Solar Power (PV) Systems
Solar Ventilation Preheating Systems
Spectrally Enhanced Lighting
Steam Distribution Systems
Steam System Upgrades
Steam Trap Repair and Replacement
Tel-all® Educational Training
Thermal Energy Storage Systems
Transformers Installation
Utility Energy Savings Contracting
Utility Privatization
Variable Air Volume Retrofit
Variable Speed Motors or Drives
Water and Waste-water Treatment Systems
Water Conservation Measures
Water-efficient Commercial Kitchen Equipment
Water-efficient Irrigation and Landscaping
Water-efficient Laboratory and Medical Equipment
Water-efficient Vehicle Wash Systems
Wind Power systems
Window Air Conditioning Replacement with High Efficiency Units
Window Replacement
Wood Waste/Organic Waste Stream Heating Systems
Learn more about the services we provide in the markets below:

Federal Government
State and Local Government
K-12 schools
Higher Education
Hospitals and Healthcare
Commercial & Industrial

View our case studies to learn more about how others have used our energy services programs to meet their energy reduction and facility improvement goals.

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