We’ll pay you to help increase our
community solar subscribers.


Enhance your customer retention by helping them save money on electricity while generating additional revenue for yourself. 

An additional revenue opportunity without affecting your current one.

Receive a referral fee from Con Edison Solutions for each of your customers who subscribe to our community solar farm! 

Expand your offerings and participate in the growing solar market.

Partner with a company that has nearly two decades of experience working with electricity brokers and is also part of the second largest owner and operator of solar assets in North America.


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What Is Community Solar?

Community Solar Icons

Solar panels are installed at a centrally located solar facility. Nearby residents and businesses, whether they rent or own, can enroll in the program and save on electricity while supporting local solar power generation*. Click here to learn more about how Con Edison Community Solar works.

No Upfront Costs Icon

There is no upfront cost, no long-term commitments, and there is nothing to be installed or maintained on your customers’ property.

Less than 25 KW Icon

Residences and small businesses (>25kw) can qualify and they do not need to own their property to participate in Community Solar

Receive Payment Icon

You receive a payment for each of your customers that subscribe.

What is the Opportunity?


  • Many businesses understand that their customers are looking to support green business who have adopted sustainability goals.
  • Community Solar is rapidly growing with more than 2GW projected to be installed by the end of 2019** and the market is forecast to double in the next 5 years.**
  • With Community Solar, Con Edison Solutions can help you participate in this growth market by providing you an offer that meets your customers’ needs for a lower cost of electricity and helps support a cleaner environment.

Why Con Edison Solutions?

  • Con Edison Solutions has more than a decade of experience developing solar projects.
  • As part of Consolidated Edison, Inc., we draw upon nearly two hundred years of energy expertise and the solid financial resources of one of the largest energy companies in the U.S.
  • As a leader in energy markets for more than two decades, Con Edison Solutions has experience managing mutually beneficial marketing programs with firms like yours. And, we pay promptly!

Click here to learn more about Community Solar
from Con Edison Solutions.

* Our current offer has customers retaining 10% of the community solar credit generated by the facility. Savings may vary depending on the specific solar facility. Customers receive a bill credit from the utility for their share of the community solar facility’s output. Con Edison Solutions will then invoice the customers for the solar energy credit at a price that is lower than the value of the utility bill credit received. The savings is the difference between the energy credits received from the utility and the amount paid to Con Edison Solutions, so the amount of electricity purchased by the customer (and its rate) is not impacted.

**Source: Wood MacKenzie U.S. Solar Market Insight Report – June 2019.

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