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Welcome Starion Customers!

Community Solar

Enjoy the benefits of solar energy and SAVENo roof required!

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How Community Solar Works

How Community Solar Works

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Community Solar for you home and business

No upfront fees
No termination fees
Nothing to be installed
No maintenance

Community Solar for you home and business

No upfront fees
No termination fees
Nothing to be installed
No maintenance

Community Solar from Con Edison Solutions lets you save on your electricity costs while helping preserve the environment.

Save while supporting clean, green, energy

Con Edison Solutions is committed to helping your community become more sustainable.

Con Edison Solutions is committed to helping your community become more sustainable.

Still Have Questions?

Still Have Questions?

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions we get regarding Community Solar.
If you would like more information feel free to call us at (866) 534-7839.

What is Community or Shared Solar?

Community Solar permits residents, businesses, non-profits, and other electric users to support renewable solar energy without putting panels on their roofs.  If you subscribe to our Community Solar Farm, you will receive on-bill credits from the Community Solar Farm representing your assigned portion of the solar energy production.  Those on-bill credits will reduce the amount you owe on your electric utility bill. You save on your electricity costs because you pay the Community Solar Farm owner, ConEdison Solutions, for the on-bill credits at a 10% discounted rate. So, for every $1.00 of credit you receive on your electric utility bill, we only charge $0.90. You pay us a portion of the credits (to cover the cost of building and maintaining the solar farm) and you keep the rest!

Is there a cost to sign up?

No cost to join!

How do I qualify to enroll?

You just need to be an electric utility customer within the service area of the Community Solar Farm! If you have more than one electricity utility account, maybe for multiple homes, or an apartment, or a business, you can enroll each utility account. We’ll assist you with enrolling multiple accounts – after you’ve enrolled your first account please contact (866) 251-1247 or [email protected] to add additional accounts.

What are the benefits of Community Solar from Con Edison Solutions?
  • No upfront cost
  • No fee, professional maintenance
  • Support for the environment
  • Offsite installation; roof access is not required
  • Portability - stay subscribed even if you move*
  • Lower the cost of your electricity!

*Applies if a subscriber moves within the utility service territory for that community solar facility.

How do I save money with Community Solar?

You save money because, as a subscriber,  you receive utility bill credits to offset your payment to the utility and then you pay us at a 10% discounted rate for those credits (i.e., for every $1.00 credit we apply to your bill, you only pay us $0.90).

Will I still pay my utility?

You will continue receiving electricity and a monthly bill from your utility as normal, with the credits from your share of the solar farm’s energy also appearing on the bill as a reduction to the total bill. If the power goes out you would still contact your local utility company for assistance, just as you do now.

What do I need to do to get started?

Simply complete our online enrollment applicationWe will need your electric bill to confirm you are eligible for Con Edison Solution’s Community Solar program and to determine your historic usage. Enrollment also requires a method of payment; we accept both Credit Card and Automatic Withdrawal (ACH) Payments.  So it will be useful for you to have these handy as you complete the enrollment process.

Why do you need my electric bill and/or payment information during enrollment?

a.  We need a recent copy of your electric bill so that we can evaluate your last 12 months of usage history and then identify what percentage of the solar farm to reserve for your account.

b.  We’ll need your payment information so that we can send you invoices after the community solar credits begin appearing on your utility bill. Don’t worry – we will never charge your account before you begin receiving Community Solar credits on your utility bill and we provide multiple notices/updates via email!


How will I be billed?

Bill Sample

Bill Sample

Each month, you will continue to receive a bill from your utility.  Your utility bill will include service charges, applicable taxes, and charges for any electricity supply you received from the utility.  It will also include a credit for the electricity you received from the community solar facility.  You will also receive a monthly bill from Con Edison Solutions.  That bill will be for the electricity you received from the community solar facility but discounted by 10% of the credit you received from the utility.  You are obligated to pay both bills.

New York customers will only receive one consolidated bill from the utility company.

How long is the term?

a.  One year with an auto-renewal. You are welcome to exit the agreement early, without an early termination fee. Please note however, that it can take up to six months to remove you from the solar farm as we work with the utility company and their standard timelines.

b.  The term begins when you first see community solar credits on your utility bill.

What if I want to leave the program before the end of my term?

Unlike many other Community Solar programs, Con Edison Solutions does not charge any sort of termination fee for unsubscribing before the end of your term.  However, we do need to notify the state’s public utility commission about your request to unsubscribe and, in some states like Massachusetts, we are limited to doing this to only twice a year.  In turn, you may experience a delay in unsubscribing depending on when you contact us and when we are scheduled to notify the public utility commission.

How do I pay for the Community Solar credits received?

a. We’ll send you an invoice every month after you see the credits on your utility bill. Then we’ll automatically charge the credit card or ACH account on file that you used to enroll in the program. We will not charge you until after you’ve seen the credits appear on your utility bill.  We’ll be sure to keep you notified as credits are scheduled to appear and as to when you can expect your first invoice from us.

b.  When the credits allocated to you are not enough to offset your entire utility bill, you will have to pay your utility company for the balance, as well as paying us the discounted price for the credits.

c.  Some months, you may have two bills to pay (one bill to your utility company and one bill to ConEdison Solutions). However, the sum of the payments will be less than what you would have paid to only the utility company if you were not participating in Community Solar!


Will I see credits immediately?

You will see credits appear on your bill only after the utility company has approved your allocation and after the  Community Solar farm site has been turned on and is producing solar energy. Again, we will not be charging you until after credits begin appearing on your bill.

Is there an online customer portal to check in on my savings?

Yes! You’ll have access to an online customer portal to track savings, view invoices, enroll for more, and even refer a friend. If you have questions about your subscription you can submit an inquiry to us via your customer portal or find our direct contact email and phone number

Do I receive tax credits or Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)?

No. As the owner of the solar farm, tax credits and incentives go to Con Edison Solutions. You do get the benefit of the 10% credit discount and the knowledge that you are supporting renewable energy programs in the state!

My energy is provided by a third party supplier (ESCo), can I still join?

Yes! However, if you receive a separate bill from your third party supplier the Community Solar credits can only be applied to your utility bill. If your bills are consolidated, we can offset both the delivery and supply charges with Community Solar

If I already have solar panels on my roof, can I join?

In certain states if you have rooftop panels, you can still elect to receive community solar credits as well. Please contact one of our community solar experts at (866) 534-7839 to find out if you can still benefit from community solar.

Do I own the panels?

No, the panels are owned by Con Edison Solutions, so we take care of the installation and maintenance .

What happens if I move?

If you move to a new place with the same utility service, then you can remain a subscriber – we’ll just need your new account information. If you move outside of the service territory, we can see if there are other Con Edison Solutions Community Solar Farms available or you can transfer your agreement to a friend/family member. Please provide us advance notice if you are moving

What happens if my power goes out or there is some electricity emergency?

Your subscription to a community solar program `does not change your relationship with your local utility regarding power outages or electrical emergencies.  If you ever have a problem with your electricity, contact your utility immediately just as you do now.

If I’m already receiving community solar credits from another solar farm, can I receive more credits from you?

In certain states you are able to receive community solar credits from multiple solar farms.  Please contact one of our community solar experts at (866) 534-7839 to find out if you can still benefit from community solar.

What happens if the project in my area is sold out?

It’s possible we may have another project near you that is available if one is “sold out”.  If not, we encourage you to complete the enrollment form, so that you are on our waiting list.  If we begin taking subscriptions again, we will contact you.

How close do I need to be to a Solar Farm to subscribe?

Subscribers must be in the same utility service area as the solar farm.

About Us

Con Edison Solutions’ solar team has been meeting the solar needs of homeowners and businesses in Connecticut, portions of Massachusetts and New York, for more than a decade. Con Edison Solutions, a part of the Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses and a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc.

With a focus on the northeast, we have the deep local knowledge and expertise that large national suppliers simply cannot match.  Everything from state incentives, local zoning laws, permitting, utility interconnection, and even the weather are important considerations for a smooth project experience.

As part of Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses, we are the only solar company that can draw upon a nearly 200 year corporate heritage in energy as well as the financial strength and stability Con Edison Solutions can offer.  We will be here to service you long after the solar power system is installed.  With a name like Con Edison Solutions behind it, you know that you can trust your solar installation.

In selected communities, Con Edison Solutions is developing centrally-located community (shared) solar projects. Community Solar allows local residents to get many of the benefits of solar power without installing panels on a roof.  This can be a great alternative for renters, condo owners, and others that cannot put solar on their residence. If you are interested in Community Solar click here to enroll or call (866) 534-7839.

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