Have property for a solar project? – Lets talk!

Have property for a solar project? – Lets talk!

Con Edison Solutions is actively seeking properties in DE, NM, PA, VA, OH, MA, and NY for community solar projects.  

Con Edison Solutions is interested in developing community solar facilities in the states of DE, NM, PA, VA, OH, MA, and NY to offer residents and businesses in those states a green alternative for the electricity they use.  We are looking to identify properties that may be appropriate for community solar facilities.  A low-impact community solar facility developed on your property could provide long-term lease payments to you while helping to add clean, green energy to the electricity grid.

If you own twenty (20) or more contiguous acres, or a building with an unobstructed flat roof of 150,000 square feet or more, your property may be a good candidate for a community solar facility.  This may be a great opportunity to turn unused or idle property into a revenue generator.  Additionally, given that community solar facilities are quiet, clean sources for green, sustainable energy, it provides the satisfaction of positively contributing to the surrounding community.


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