Company Overview

A corporate heritage dating back nearly 200 years with the innovative energy efficiency expertise of today.

Company Overview

Con Edison Inc. Family of CompaniesOur energy efficiency expertise encompasses more than 30 building technologies and services for optimal facility energy performance. Our clients realize a dramatic reduction in operational expenses with little or no impact on capital budgets.  In addition, our expertise in building systems and facility operations reduces our clients’ energy consumption, energy bills, and carbon footprint, while increasing resiliency.

We have extensive experience in creating solar and wind generation systems for commercial, education and government facilities.  With the acquisition of Ross Solar, we also offer residential solar power systems in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

We pride ourselves on our philosophy of vendor and technology independence so, by partnering with Con Edison Solutions, our clients are assured the most appropriate building systems at the most cost-effective price.

From our corporate headquarters in Valhalla, New York and six regional offices, we manage projects and assets throughout the continental United States and Hawaii.

You can also visit the Consolidated Edison, Inc. website at for information on all of the Consolidated Edison companies.

Heritage & Experience

Con Edison Solutions’ foundation is built on the strength of our American heritage from the very birth of the energy industry.  As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc., with a corporate history dating back to 1823, we have the depth of knowledge and expertise to succeed in the most demanding energy markets in the country.

With nearly 200 years of corporate experience in the industry, our knowledge of energy systems enables us to deepen our understanding of critical energy issues from ever-evolving energy regulations to business objectives and resiliency for our clients nationwide.

Our renewable energy, sustainability services, and cost-effective energy efficiency solutions are custom designed for local, state and federal government agencies, public school districts, higher education campuses, hospitals, businesses, and homes.

Our dedicated team of energy professionals delivers a broad range of products and services, including: energy performance contracting, renewable energy options, design/build services for energy systems, and commodity advisory and procurement.

Our clients achieve a wide array of goals, including: operational excellence, budgetary control, regulatory compliance, energy efficiency, sustainability, and resiliency.

Working with Con Edison Solutions gives our customers the benefit of our knowledge and the security of knowing that we are committed to helping them achieve their energy related goals, now and into the future.

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