Dozens of Pelham Households Are Now Generating Solar Power Thanks to Con Edison Solutions and Solarize Pelham

September 9, 2019

Con Edison Solutions LogoCon Edison Solutions, one of the Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses, has paid a total of more than $15,000 in bonuses to households that participated in Solarize Pelham. The successful Solarize Pelham campaign resulted in 42 Pelham households adopting solar power and will collectively provide 276,000 watts (276 kW) of clean renewable power, equivalent to taking 50 cars off the road annually. 

Con Edison Solutions, formerly doing business as Ross Solar, was selected to be the official Solarize vendor for the program. Con Edison Solutions conducted educational workshops and provided special pricing options in addition to managing the solar installations. Pelham homeowners, who signed agreements during the Solarize program that ended on June 25, 2018, are receiving individual bonuses, based on the size of their system, in addition to the savings each household enjoys from lowered electric bills. Checks were mailed out on July 22, 2019.  Bonuses are based on five cents per watt of power from the installed solar power system.

“We were impressed by the interest Pelham residents had in solar power. During the campaign, more than 300 homeowners expressed interest in learning more about how they could lower their electricity bills and impact the environment with solar power,” said Zak Poston, Director of Residential and Commercial Solar Programs at Con Edison Solutions. “The completed households exceeded our initial goal of 30 households and allowed us to provide additional monetary benefits to homeowners in the program, which, in the aggregate, totaled more than $15,000.”

Solarize campaigns play a vital role in the adoption of solar energy by offering group-discounted pricing and providing community education around the benefits of solar. 

Con Edison Solutions was selected to be Solarize Pelham’s official partner based on its exemplary record of providing high quality solar technology custom-designed for a home’s specific requirements, and its unparalleled service for more than ten years in business. Unlike some solar providers, Con Edison Solutions does not require homeowners to sign a contract before providing a custom evaluation and solar system configuration. The company has a history of successful solarize campaigns and has worked with towns across New York and Connecticut to support similar programs. 

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