Con Edison Solutions Energy Savings Performance Contract Through The U.S. Department Of Labor

April 03, 2017

Mine Safety Health Administration to receive over $415,000 of guaranteed annual cost savings.

VALHALLA, NY – April 3, 2017: ConEdison Solutions (CES), one of America’s leading energy services companies, has signed an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) with the United States Department of Labor for DOL’s Mine and Safety Health Administration’s (MSHA) 288,000 square foot facility in Beaver, West Virginia.

The MSHA works to reduce deaths, injuries, and illnesses in the nation’s mines with a variety of activities and programs.

As the selected energy services company, ConEdison Solutions is responsible for all phases of MSHA’s ESPC project, including the development and engineering phase, coordinating the project’s financing and implementation, and the post-construction services associated with the ESPC.

“ConEdison Solutions is extremely proud to partner with the Department of Labor on this important cost savings initiative, and we recognize the honorable work the Mine and Safety Health Administration undertakes to ensure the health and safety of those in the mining industry,” said Mark Noyes, President and CEO of ConEdison Solutions. “Our team is eager to get to work on implementing innovative upgrades to the West Virginia facility to maximize efficiency and provide high-performing systems.”

Prior to signing the ESPC on December 20, 2016, CES developed and finalized an investment grade audit report with MSHA. ConEdison Solutions evaluated all of the Department of Energy’s nineteen Technical Categories of energy efficiency improvements at MSHA, while analyzing the facility’s current energy consumption and potential areas for improvement. ConEdison Solutions then proposed a number of energy efficiency improvements for MSHA based on its facility’s needs and overall project economics. This ESPC project will include the following energy efficiency upgrades: Domestic Hot Water Heaters, Cooling Towers, Energy Management and Controls System, Air Handling Units, Lighting Improvements, Water Conservation Measures, and Vending Machine Controls.

The contract supports over $415,000 of guaranteed annual cost savings to the Department of Labor in the first year and over $290,000 thereafter. The project has a 15.8 year simple payback.

About ConEdison Solutions

ConEdison Solutions is a leading energy services company that provides renewable energy, sustainability services, cost-effective energy efficiency solutions, demand response, and energy performance contracting. The company serves commercial, industrial, residential and government customers, as well as universities, public school districts, and hospitals nationwide. Offering innovative products, financial stability, and a commitment to customer service, the company has offices in Valhalla, New York; Burlington, Massachusetts; Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Falls Church, Virginia; Tampa, Florida; Overland Park, Kansas, Nashville, Tennessee; and Bloomington, Minnesota. The company’s dedicated team of energy professionals delivers a broad range of energy solutions. Con Edison Solutions offers programs and services designed to help customers achieve their individual energy objectives and is accredited as an Energy Services Provider (ESP) by the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO).

ConEdison Solutions is a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc. (NYSE: ED). More information can be obtained by calling 1-888-210-8899 or visiting the ConEdison Solutions website at You can also visit the Consolidated Edison, Inc. website at for information on all of the Consolidated Edison companies.

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