Company Highlights

A leader in the energy services industry with our unmatched level of commitment to our client-first strategy.

Company Highlights


Con Edison Solutions, a part of the Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses and a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc., began as Con Edison Gas Marketing, Inc., a wholesale gas marketing company incorporated on May 23, 1993.  In December 1994, our name changed to ProMark Energy, Inc.  The name was again changed in September 1997 to Con Edison Solutions to reflect our expanded charter as a full-service energy services company (ESCO).

In 2003, Con Edison Solutions acquired XENERGY’s energy efficiency and performance contracting business unit.  Con Edison Solutions acquired BGA, Inc. (a Tampa, Florida-based company) and Custom Energy Services, LLC (an Overland Park, Kansas-based company) in 2007 and 2008, respectively, greatly expanding our energy services capabilities.

In 2010, Con Edison Solutions began offering Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and, in 2017, acquired Ross Solar, a solar installation and consulting company serving residential and business clients.


Con Edison Solutions strives to lead the energy services industry by providing innovative and cost-effective energy solutions for our clients.

We are a highly motivated team of energy professionals dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients, continuously improving ourselves, and increasing shareholder value.

Competitive Advantages

Unmatched Legacy

Our parent company, Consolidated Edison, Inc. is one of the largest and longest operating investor owned energy companies in the U.S. with a corporate history dating back nearly 200 years.  This benefits our clients in several ways. First and foremost is financial stability and longevity.  For building systems that are expected to last decades, the confidence that your energy service company will also be around is critical.  Likewise, our teams also have extensive experience in the energy industry.  The tenure of many of them is measured in decades.  Experience that our clients benefit from as a result of the many projects they’ve been involved with and challenges they’ve met.

Industry Leading Expertise

With the reputation of being the ESCO’s ESCO, Con Edison Solutions was called upon by other energy service providers to engineer solutions to some of the most complex and challenging energy problems.  This expertise continues today and is applied across our nearly three dozen building technologies and services, for example: energy performance contracts, energy efficiency programs, facility infrastructure improvements such as commercial HVAC and cooling tower upgrades, renewable energy including solar PV systems for both commercial and residential clients, geothermal and wind turbines.

Client-First Strategy

Our clients include federal agencies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and branches of the military, many state and local governments, public and private educational institutions from K-12 to universities and colleges, as well as hospital and healthcare facilities.  At Con Edison Solutions, we understand that energy needs are not the primary focus of our clients.  They are however, a primary focus for us, and we deploy a client-first strategy.  That philosophy provides our clients with the assurance that regardless of the project, their specific energy needs will be met.

Vendor and Technology Independence

When working with Con Edison Solutions, our clients are confident that the equipment and systems we recommend are the most suited for the project at-hand.  Since we are not a manufacturer, there is never any conflict of interest.  This provides our clients with the peace of mind that they will have a system specifically engineered and optimized, as their energy project requires.

Innovative Solutions

At Con Edison Solutions, our project teams look beyond the typical.  It’s never a “one-size fits all” approach.  Each project presents unique challenges and our teams are well-versed in developing unique solutions.  Our in-house technology experts analyze a client’s energy environment, research and recommend relevant equipment, direct its installation and commissioning, and if needed, maintain it.  Whether that means using a helicopter to install new cooling towers, in an emergency, on a hospital roof or operating a wind turbine to power a manufacturing plant, we pride ourselves in engineering and constructing the most efficient and economical results for our clients.

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