Residential Electricity Supply

Residential Energy


Hundreds of thousands of consumers are taking control of their energy bills, choosing between fixed and variable electricity price plans, and even helping to improve the environment by choosing green energy options. ConEdison Solutions offers this power of choice to customers in New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.


Small Business Electricity Supply

Small Business Energy

ConEdison Solutions offers industry leading customer service and helps businesses of all sizes control overall energy costs. Thousands of small business customers are increasing their profitability and reducing risk by choosing between fixed and variable price plans. Put the power of competition to work for you.


Large Business Energy Supply

Large Business 

ConEdison Solutions provides businesses with a wide range of energy procurement and management services. Our experts work with you to understand your business objectives, risk tolerance, budgeting needs, and sustainability concerns, and identify the right energy solutions for your business.


Energy Services 

Energy Services 

ConEdison Solutions offers a wide range of energy-saving and renewable energy solutions, including Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) and Engineering,Design, Build Services to Federal, State, Local Government, K-12 Schools, Colleges/Universities and Hospitals.


Energy Optimization / Demand Response 

Energy Optimization/Demand Response 

Generate revenue from the sale of unused energy back into the grid. Our Energy Optimization services include Demand Response Services and Virtual Generation Services.



Renewable Energy 

Even the smallest changes in how you use energy can make a huge difference. Lead the way to a cleaner, healthier environment with ConEdison Solutions.


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