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July 09, 2015

The hottest July and August days bring valuable opportunities for owners to generate added revenue from their properties by participating in various incentive programs that aim to reduce energy demand during “peak load” periods.

ConEdison Solutions, one of the country’s largest energy services companies, notes that the reduction incentives – which are available in various regions of the country -- are designed to bolster the reliability of state and regional grids during periods of highest demand.

Property owners are working harder than ever to boost their ability to reduce consumption when “peak load” alerts are issued, while earning increased revenue for their buildings.   

“In parts of the country where these incentives are available, knowledgeable building owners are more committed than ever to undertaking effective ‘demand response’ measures,” said Michael Perna, Vice President of ConEdison Solutions.  

“These same techniques can also be leveraged at other times to facilitate well-timed energy ‘sell-backs’ and demand management,” Perna said.

ConEdison Solutions executives said summertime demand response programs are being implemented by an increasing number of office buildings, multifamily properties, retail centers, hotels, and industrial spaces.

To help end-users reap maximum value from demand response opportunities, ConEdison Solutions has been equipping large-scale energy users with a technologically advanced demand response capability called VPower.  The system employs proprietary software that gives users the ability to control their response to grid events that may arise on summer’s hottest days.

The VPower software also gives customers a dashboard that provides a view into system performance as well as compliance during a peak load event.  Customers are thus equipped to make informed judgments about whether they are maximizing the value of their participation and meeting promised reduction levels.

“We strongly encourage large energy users to investigate whether summertime demand response incentives are offered in their area,” said Perna.  “The rapid evolution of energy management technology can present irresistible opportunities for both new savings and new revenues.”

Implementing a robust demand response program – especially one with the potential to maximize substantial revenues from peak load incentives - is a multi-step process, ConEdison Solutions cautioned.  Owners thus need to do all they can to accelerate implementation.

To learn more about ConEdison Solutions’ portfolio of demand response tools and strategies, contact 1-844-622-2767.

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ConEdison Solutions is a leading energy services company that provides competitive electricity and natural gas supply, renewable energy, sustainability services, cost-effective energy efficiency solutions, and energy performance contracting.  The company serves commercial, industrial, residential and government customers, including universities, public school districts, and hospitals nationwide.  Offering innovative products, financial stability, and a commitment to customer service, the company is based in Valhalla, New York, with offices in Burlington, Massachusetts; Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Falls Church, Virginia; Houston, Texas; Tampa, Florida; Overland Park, Kansas, Nashville, Tennessee; and Bloomington, Minnesota.  The firm’s dedicated team of energy professionals delivers a broad range of energy solutions.  ConEdison Solutions offers programs and services designed to help customers achieve their individual energy objectives and is accredited as an Energy Services Provider (ESP) by the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO).

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