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Report From Con Edison Solutions Underscores The Value Of Partnering With An Integrated Energy Solutions Provider

October 15, 2014

--Integrated Energy Management Maximizes Savings, Efficiency and Performance--

Smart Companies Utilize Integrated Energy SolutionsBusinesses and institutions with a well-crafted energy strategy are maximizing the cost-effectiveness of their energy management programs by working with a single provider delivering a comprehensive portfolio of services, according to a white paper issued by ConEdison Solutions titled “Smart Companies Utilize Integrated Energy Solutions.”
Subtitled “An Integrated Energy Planning White Paper and Provider Due Diligence Checklist,” the report finds that the best outcomes are achieved when “upgrades and new systems are planned intelligently, using a 360-degree energy integration approach that takes into consideration all aspects of the energy supply and demand equation.”

“Every business uses energy differently, and that is why it is essential for companies to search for an energy solutions provider that can meet the firm’s needs in a comprehensive way,” said Michael Perna, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at ConEdison Solutions.

“The White Paper makes the case that effective energy management needs to strategically integrate commodity procurement, energy efficiency initiatives, sustainability goals, and demand response components,” he said.  “The best provider can deliver all of these by bringing together an effective, end-to-end approach and deep expertise supported by a strong record of customer success.”

The White Paper includes a 15-question checklist that allows energy buyers to evaluate the capabilities of a truly integrated energy solutions provider.

In respect to commodity procurement, a qualified energy solutions provider should have experience with at least five types of energy supply plans:

The first is a “fixed plan” that provides predictability with a fixed price guaranteed for a given term.  

Next is a “block and index plan” that allows companies to lock in a portion of its load at a fixed price, as the remainder floats with the market.

The third choice is a “guaranteed savings plan” that delivers a guaranteed discount off utility bills.

Another choice is a “variable plan,” where total price varies from month to month as the energy price floats with prevailing market rates, while other price components (such as capacity charges) remain fixed.

Finally, providers should offer a “fully variable plan,” under which price varies from month to month, as the three key price components -- energy, ancillary services, and capacity -- float with the market.

The provider should also offer an environmentally friendly plan that enables use of renewable energy or Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for all or a portion of the company’s portfolio.

The White Paper also indicates that a fully integrated energy solution should include a Demand Response program, a strategy that brings together both supply and demand-side expertise.

“With an infrastructure in place to accommodate load management, large businesses can reduce their energy consumption during peak times,” said Mr. Perna.  “When they do, they earn money.”

Demand Response offers customers the opportunity to participate in independent system operator (ISO)/Retail Transmission Organization (RTO)-sponsored programs and/or local utility demand programs and earn money by committing to reduce load at specific times of electricity grid emergencies or high wholesale electricity prices.
The third essential component of a fully integrated energy management strategy focuses on energy efficiency measures that deliver long-term energy reductions and cost savings.

The White Paper discusses Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) as a superior means of replacing aging, inefficient, or high-maintenance equipment with new energy-efficient equipment.  

Requiring little or no capital outlay, the ESPC approach reduces energy usage and cost, improves operating practices, boosts sustainability, and properly integrates new maintenance and measurement procedures.

Businesses benefit most by selecting a provider who designs, constructs, monitors, measures and helps maintain ESPC energy improvements, making it an easy-to-manage turnkey program. Moreover, the provider should guarantee that annual energy savings will be equal to or greater than the annual contract cost.
The White Paper notes that the use of a single, comprehensive program prevents confusion and overlap that might result from multiple consultants, vendors and in-house teams using incomplete data or incompatible systems while maximizing the budgetary and sustainability opportunities that an end-to-end energy strategy can provide.

The report highlights that the best providers can enhance overall results through automated energy-use programs requiring a minimum of capital outlay.
It also details the three key stages of an integrated energy solution approach: assessment, planning and implementation.

The "Smart Companies Utilize Integrated Energy Solutions" White Paper can be found at

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