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Kansas Schools Transform Energy Dollars Into Education Dollars

March 12, 2013


Overland Park, KS – March 12, 2013
:  ConEdison Solutions, one of America’s largest energy services companies, is helping to enrich the lives of thousands of Kansas schoolchildren by enabling school districts to redirect millions of dollars from energy spending into educational services.


The company is now delivering over $690,000 in guaranteed, annual energy savings for nine Kansas school districts that have launched aggressive conservation initiatives.


"Kansas schoolchildren come out on top when their districts take action to reduce energy spending,” said Jorge Lopez, CEO of ConEdison Solutions.  “School districts can upgrade their facilities, create a superior learning environment, consume less energy, boost environmental quality and save money, all without any added capital outlays.”


Projects are funded through an energy services performance contract (ESPC), under which districts implement energy improvements with little or no up-front cost.  Under an ESPC, energy services companies like ConEdison Solutions guarantee future energy savings to be generated by the improvements.  This enables school districts to fund improvement costs based on these anticipated savings.  In essence, funds already budgeted for energy bills are instead applied toward efficiency-related improvements.


The Kansas school district benefiting most from its energy initiative through ConEdison Solutions is Emporia Unified School District 253, which saves nearly $180,000 per year in reduced energy costs.  Piper Unified School District 203 in Kansas City generates close to $120,000 in annual savings.


Other Kansas school districts served by ConEdison Solutions include Bluestem Unified School District 205, Buhler Unified School District 313, Fairfield Unified School District 310, Haven Unified School District 312, Humboldt Unified School District 258, and Scott County Unified School District 466.


ConEdison Solutions’ overall educational client base encompasses scores of school districts in multiple states.


The company's multi-faceted, cost-effective ESPC program helps school districts replace old, inefficient, high-maintenance equipment with new energy-efficient equipment, all with no capital outlay or budget overruns.  ConEdison Solutions performs an initial energy assessment to determine the potential energy savings that can be achieved as a result of installing new energy-efficient equipment, including heating, cooling, ventilation, building controls, lighting and motors.  The company also examines and evaluates building envelopes, including windows and roofs as well as evaluating whether renewable sources like solar could be applied. 


With savings guaranteed, energy efficiency renovations can reduce energy and water costs by up to 30 percent annually, while enhancing the health of occupants, improving student performance and boosting the school district's commitment to the environment.


“School districts that invest in energy reduction have more to invest in education,” said Mr. Lopez.  “We are proud to be teaming up with Kansas schools to help them boost the quality of their educational services.”


About ConEdison Solutions

ConEdison Solutions is a leading energy services company that provides competitive power supply, renewable energy, sustainability services, and cost-effective energy solutions for commercial, industrial, residential, and government customers.  The company is based in Valhalla, New York, with offices in Burlington, Massachusetts; Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Chicago, Illinois; Falls Church, Virginia; Houston, Texas; Tampa, Florida; and Overland Park, Kansas.  The firm’s dedicated team of energy professionals delivers a broad range of commodity, consulting, demand-side management and performance contracting services.  ConEdison Solutions offers programs and services designed to help customers achieve their individual energy objectives and is accredited as an Energy Services Provider (ESP) by NAESCO.


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