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Cape Light Compact And ConEdison Solutions Announce New Low Electricity Prices

May 24, 2012

Lowest Electricity Supply Prices Since 2005
Residential, Small Commercial and Cape Light Compact GreenSM Customers Can All Receive Savings

Barnstable, MA - The Cape Light Compact and its electricity supplier, ConEdison Solutions, are pleased to announce their lowest electricity prices for Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard residential and small commercial customers since 2005, when Standard Offer service ended and full competitive markets opened up.  The new lower prices will be in effect from the July 2012 to January 2013 meter read dates and will automatically adjust for current Cape Light Compact customers.

“We are thrilled that we are able to offer our Cape and Martha’s Vineyard customers one of the best basic electricity prices currently available,” said Bill Doherty, Chairman of the Cape Light Compact.  “As   a result of low natural gas prices, which set the price of electricity in New England, coupled with Cape Light Compact’s energy efficiency programs and our active efforts to always drive for the best supply price, we’re working hard to make your electric bills lower.  We’d also like to invite any customers who have left Cape Light Compact’s Power Supply Program for other competitive suppliers to take a second look at our latest offers, especially in these challenging economic times.  With electricity prices this low, there has never been a better time or reason to join your neighbors on our quality service.”

"Businesses and households throughout Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard save money on electricity by leveraging the power of the marketplace," said James Mueller, Vice President, Customer Operations for ConEdison Solutions.  "ConEdison Solutions knows that lower energy costs can make a significant difference in making ends meet.  We are proud to work in partnership with Cape Light Compact to help manage energy costs throughout the region."

July 2012 through January 2013 meter-read dates
Residential                                6.688 cents per kWh
Small Commercial                     6.676 cents per kWh
Large Industrial (July – Oct)       6.676 cents per kWh

The new electricity prices for the second half of 2012 represent a decrease of more than 15 percent compared to the residential and commercial rates in effect during the first half of this year. 

Customers who choose to enroll in CAPE LIGHT COMPACT GREENSM join a large and growing community of individuals and organizations committed to purchasing electricity generated by renewable electric generating resources, helping to build a market for cleaner, healthier, local energy projects.  CAPE LIGHT COMPACT GREENSM prices are as follows:

July 2012 through January 2013 meter-read dates
50% Green 7.588 cents per kWh / 100% Green 8.288 cents per kWh

Small Commercial   
50% Green 7.576 cents per kWh / 100% Green 8.276 cents per kWh

Large Industrial (July – Oct)  
50% Green 7.576 cents per kWh / 100% Green 8.276 cents per kWh

To sign up for the Cape Light Compact’s new electricity pricing or for Cape Light Compact GreenSM, please call ConEdison Solutions at 1-800-381-9192.

About Cape Light Compact
Cape Light Compact is an inter-governmental organization consisting of the 21 towns and two counties on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.  The Compact’s mission is to serve our 200,000 customers through the delivery of proven energy efficiency programs, effective consumer advocacy, competitive electricity supply and green power options.  For more information, visit or call 1-800-797-6699.

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About ConEdison Solutions
ConEdison Solutions is a leading energy services company that provides competitive power supply, renewable energy, sustainability services, and cost-effective energy solutions for commercial, industrial, residential, and government customers.  The company is based in Valhalla, New York, with offices in Burlington, Massachusetts; Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Chicago, Illinois; Falls Church, Virginia; Houston, Texas; Tampa, Florida; Durham, North Carolina; and Overland Park, Kansas.  The firm’s dedicated team of energy professionals delivers a broad range of commodity, consulting, demand-side management and performance contracting services.  ConEdison Solutions offers programs and services designed to help customers achieve their individual energy objectives and is accredited as an Energy Services Provider (ESP) by NAESCO.

ConEdison Solutions is a subsidiary and registered trademark of Consolidated Edison, Inc. (NYSE: ED). More information can be obtained by calling 1-888-210-8899 or visiting the ConEdison Solutions website at  You can also visit the Consolidated Edison, Inc. website at for information on all of the Consolidated Edison companies.

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