Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions prospective customers have about green power technology, savings, and costs. Scroll down for your question and our answer. If you have a green power question that isn’t listed, let us know.

What Is Renewable, or Green, Energy?
Renewable or “green” energy describes clean power sources that replenish themselves naturally. While fossil fuel power sources like oil, gas, and coal are finite, renewable energy power sources like sun and wind are infinite.

Why Should I Invest in Renewable Energy?
The main reason is often savings. Utility rates keep trending upwards over time, but sunshine and wind are sources of free “fuel” as long as the system is operating.  By investing in a clean power installation, you are better able to hedge against volatile energy rates and protect your bottom line.

However, renewable energy offers other important benefits as well.

By investing in renewable or green power, you are doing something positive for the environment. Unlike oil, gas, and coal, renewable energy doesn’t release greenhouse gases or toxic pollutants.

In addition, going green sends a powerful message to customers and investors alike. It indicates that you take preserving the environment seriously and want to be part of the solution.

Why Should I Buy Green Electricity from ConEdison Solutions?
With roots nearly 200 years old, we are one of the most trusted energy companies in the U.S., serving over 300,000 customers across more than 50 utility territories in the U.S. Over the years, we’ve continuously refined our approach – leveraging those technologies that generate power with the least environmental impact.

For our large business customers, we’ve helped install more than 24 MW of solar and wind. This is enough renewable energy capacity to offset 64 million tons of C02, or the equivalent of removing 5,500 cars from the road annually. And this sustainability push actually saves our customers millions of dollars over the lifetime of their renewable energy contracts with us.

Is Green Energy Cheaper Than Grid Electricity?
In some states, the answer is yes.  Installing solar or harnessing wind power is cheaper than relying on local grid electricity.  However, those savings vary considerably, depending on local utility rates, state policies, weather conditions, and how you choose to finance your renewable energy investment.  When you sign on with ConEdison Solutions, you’ll know in advance the cost of energy from your solar or wind.

What does it mean that the Wind Power option is Green-e Energy certified?
ConEdison Solutions' Wind Power is Green-e Energy certified, which is is the nation's leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy. The Green-e Energy logo identifies superior, certified renewable energy options, and is used by businesses to communicate the purchase and/or generation of certified renewable energy. The program is administered by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions in San Francisco. More information is available at

How Do I Finance My Renewable Energy Investment?
At ConEdison Solutions, we use Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for our large business and government customers. With a standard PPA, we provide the equipment, labor, monitoring, and maintenance – 100% free of charge. You pay for the clean energy generated every month, but we design those payments to be lower than the utility company’s rate for supply and delivery.

You’re essentially buying electricity that is both cheaper and cleaner than traditional grid power.

Is Renewable Energy Tax Deductible?
In most cases, organizations treat their renewable energy expenses the same way they treat any utility bill expense. However, there are sometimes local, state, and federal tax benefits reserved for companies who “green” their energy infrastructure. To learn more, contact our support team today:

How Much Does Renewable Energy Cost?
It depends on the type and size of renewable energy you require as well as local policies regarding renewables. But at ConEdison Solutions, we offer the option to install renewables on customer sites with no capital expense to the customer. And the renewable energy that you do use is cheaper than what you currently pay to your local utility company. So no matter what, your business automatically saves with our green power solutions.

How Much Money Can I Save with Renewable Power?
Your savings are directly proportional to the amount of solar or wind power that your system generates. A large renewable power installation offers the potential for higher overall savings than a smaller one.

Your savings also depend on local utility rates and policies and how much electricity your organization consumes.

To learn exactly how much your organization can save, schedule a free consultation with our renewable energy experts today:

How Long Will My Renewable Power Last?

The majority of our solar and wind projects carry 15 or 20-year contracts, during which ConEdison Solutions handles all monitoring and maintenance. So if there’s ever a performance issue of any kind, our technicians will correct the issue.

Which Is Better – Wind Power or Solar Energy?
Both technologies deliver reliable and affordable electricity that doesn’t pollute. On-site solar is by far the more common application but we do have customers with large facilities and property that have chosen behind the meter wind installations. When helping your organization determine which solution to choose, we focus on the particulars of your site. To find out which clean power technology is right for your business, contact our renewable energy experts today:

Have More Green Power Questions?
Still need help deciding whether renewable energy is right for your organization? Have additional questions about greening your company’s electricity infrastructure?

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