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China Builds World’s Biggest Solar Farm to Become Green Superpower

China has held the distinction as the world’s greatest contributor to the emission of greenhouse gasses for many years.  However, the nation is taking big strides with solar energy to shed its notorious reputation. 

For evidence, you need look no further than the Longyanxia Dam Solar Park, located in China’s western province of Qinghai.  This is where you’ll find the world’s largest solar farm—a sprawling, 27 square kilometer facility capable of generating 850 MW of electricity.  After several years of continuous construction, the facility now represents the cutting edge in solar infrastructure.

Comprised of roughly four million panels, the Longyanxia Dam Solar Park is capable of generating enough electricity to supply 200,000 households.

The completion of the Longyanxia Dam Solar Park, as significant as it is on its own, is just one component of a comprehensive overhaul of China’s energy policy.  China is now the world’s leading investor in green energy, with more projects coming soon.

The nation plans to spend an additional $360 billion on clean energy projects in the coming years, in hopes of reaching its goal of achieving 110 GW of solar energy and 210 GW of wind energy by 2020.  In addition, China has also pledged to increase the amount of energy coming from non-fossil fuels to 20 percent by 2030.

These initiatives are poised to help China address a number of concerns—stifling smog in its busiest cities, the reduction of its immense carbon emissions and the creation of roughly 13 million jobs to spur its sputtering economy.

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