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Renewables to Mark Energy Growth in the Next 25 Years: IEA Chief

Renewables to Mark Energy Growth in the Next 25 Years: IEA ChiefThere has been considerable debate about the role and impact of renewable energy on the world stage for years.  But if recent statements from the Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) are any indication, it appears that renewables won’t face quite as much pushback in the years to come.

Speaking at a December 20, 2016 press meeting at the World Energy Report in Istanbul, Managing Director Fatih Birol commented on the current state of the renewable industry and his expectation that the world will come to lean heavily on green energy in the years to come.

“The growth in coal reserves, which gave the biggest contribution to the world’s total energy consumption in the last 25 years, will slow down significantly over the next 25 years,” Birol stated.  “The demand for oil reserves will also mean growth is lower than it was in the past.  The highest growth trend will be in renewable energy and partly in nuclear energy.  Mainly renewable energy will mark the energy sector in the next 25 years.”

Birol cited two significant causes for his positive outlook.  Ambitious energy initiatives in the world’s two largest economies, China and the United States, are poised to push adoption of renewables forward and cost is a significant positive factor.  Over the past five years, solar energy costs have dropped by 80 percent, while wind fell by one-third.

Read the full story here.

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