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Hydrogen Fuel Takes Big Step Forward

Hydrogen Fuel Takes Big Step ForwardHydrogen fuel has, for years, been considered one of the more promising alternatives for scientists searching for ways to move the world to an economy based on clean, renewable energy.  Hydrogen is one of the most abundant resources on the planet and produces no emissions. 

However, the process for producing hydrogen-based fuel has posed a significant hurdle to widespread adoption.  The method by which hydrogen is split from water requires large amounts of energy, neutralizing much of the value of the clean-burning fuel source.  In addition, the best catalysts for splitting water to obtain hydrogen are metals like platinum, which are costly and in limited supply.

Fortunately, a team of researchers from Missouri University of Science and Technology recently announced a new method for splitting water that is more efficient and cost-effective than traditional means. 

The researchers discovered that platinum could be replaced by a combination of nickel and selenium—both of which are less expensive and more abundant elements.  Furthermore, the researchers also found that splitting water in a more energy-efficient manner could be accomplished via electrolysis.

These developments are a big leap towards the mass-production of hydrogen fuel.  Hydrogen has been considered a potential replacement for traditional fuels, able to power vehicles ranging from cars to rockets, suggesting that this research may have implications stretching from your fuel tank to the furthest reaches of the universe.

Read the full story here.

Advances in clean, renewable energy provide significant benefits today.  While hydrogen fuel might still be a few years from going mainstream, there are plenty of ways that green technology can be a benefit to you now.  To learn how your business might take advantage of renewables, check out ConEdison Solutions.

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