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Amazon Web Services Pledges to Power Data Centers with 50% Renewable Energy by End of 2017

Amazon Web Services Pledges to Power Data Centers with Renewable EnergyAmazon Web Services (AWS) owns and operates some of the largest data centers in the world.  These facilities require tremendous amounts of electricity to remain operational around the clock.  At a recent conference, one of the organization’s engineers, James Hamilton, announced that by the end of next year, 50 percent of AWS’s electricity needs would be supplied from renewable solar and wind systems.

This benchmark is part of AWS’s long-term goal to run on 100 percent renewables.  Based on the company’s success so far, that vision may be realized sooner rather than later. 

AWS has already increased its utilization of renewables from 25 percent in 2015.  Its’ goal for 2016 was to reach 40 percent renewables—and the company has already exceeded 45 percent.  That’s roughly 2.6 million Megawatt hours per year!

While AWS is already beating its own projections, Hamilton concedes that reaching 100 percent renewable energy will be difficult.  “We are not afraid of big challenges,” he stated.  “We will sign up for difficult tasks, but we have to see a path where we can actually reasonably get there.” 

That path seems to be getting clearer.  Amazon has one data center located in Portland, Oregon, that is already running entirely on renewable energy.  In addition, AWS recently announced that it would be building a new 189-Megawatt wind farm in Ohio, which would make it the fifth wind or solar farm that the company has built in the United States to date.   

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