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See the World’s First Model of an All-Green Grid

All green gridOne of the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement was to establish a global electricity system that uses only renewable energy sources by 2030.  While the idea of a fully renewable electricity grid sounds like a fine idea in theory, actually visualizing and developing such a huge undertaking was an entirely different story.  However, researchers at Finland’s Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) recently developed a model demonstrating what such a system would look like.

The simulation, called the global Internet of Energy Model, visualizes a 100 percent renewable energy (RE) system for electricity production.  The model separates the world into different classifications—145 subsets within 9 major world regions.  The model demonstrates two of the considerations which have, to this point, been the most challenging to figure out: determining the most cost-effective method for accomplishing the task, and secondly, how to organize the supply of variable energy to meet constant demand.

In addition, the model developed by the university’s research team highlights how the project can be scalable for future upgrades, comprising not only electricity, but the wider energy sector—including heat and mobility as well.  Better yet, the researchers aren’t leaving any stone unturned.  In order to appease critics who suggest the project is unattainable, the model describes how to transition from our current energy system towards their fully sustainable alternative.

Read the full story here.

According to Christian Breyer, an LUT Solar Economy Professor and leading scientist behind the model, it will be up to every nation and its’ citizens to figure out a way to integrate into this new system.  “Every country in the world has to find pathways to achieve the…targets and to avoid stranded assets.  This model can provide the help for policy-makers, industrial decision-makers and societal stakeholders to do that.”  To see how you can build the foundation for a renewable electricity system, check out ConEdison Solutions’ solar energy systems here

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