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Scientists Expect to Calculate Amount of Fuel Inside Earth by 2025

Fuel Inside EarthThere was a time not long ago that a journey to the center of the earth was merely the stuff of science fiction.  In the not-too-distant future, we won’t even need to go to the center of the earth to see what’s below our planet’s surface.  That’s because, according to scientists at the University of Maryland, by 2025 we will have the capability to learn how much fuel is really still contained under the Earth’s crust.

Over the next few years, underground detectors will go online with the goal of detecting antineutrino events which naturally occur as a byproduct of radioactive decay processes within the Earth.  The scientists anticipate that at least three years of data will provide them with enough of a sampling to make an educated estimate of how much fuel we have in the tank.

These findings will have vast implications for the energy industry.  By determining how much fossil fuel is available, we will be able to get a better understanding of our own consumption history and how our future usage may impact available supply.  The findings will also help us determine the best course of action for transitioning certain elements of our energy grid to alternative sources. 

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