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Converting Carbon Dioxide into Electricity

For the greater part of history using energy has meant that humans had to be consumers.  Advances in the field of energy science provide the promise that one day, we’ll be able to harness green house gasses to create, instead of consume, energy.  Scientists at Cornell University may just have given us the roadmap to forge that path. 

In a paper recently released at the university, the team of scientists announced the creation of an oxygen-assisted aluminum/carbon dioxide power cell that has the potential to resolve the unintended consequences affiliated with energy consumption.  The power cell uses an electrochemical reaction to not only capture the carbon dioxide that it generates, but then returns the emissions back into the battery to generate electricity.

This is a significant step forward for carbon capture technology.  Until now, the energy required to capture carbon dioxide has been too great to make the process financially feasible.  This innovation is also a game-changer because it sidesteps the logistical challenges of transporting carbon dioxide to different sites for sequestering or reuse.  

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