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Google’s DeepMind Makes Deep Cuts in Energy Usage

Google DeepMindBack in 2014, Google bought an artificial intelligence (AI) startup called DeepMind Technologies. At the time, the business advantages the company hoped to gain were little understood by the general public.

Now, more than two years later, one of those advantages has become clear: This summer, Google announced that the advanced learning capabilities of its DeepMind AI unit have led to a 40 percent decrease in electricity use at its data centers.

According to Google, researchers began applying machine learning to its data centers two years ago in hopes of finding—and solving—operational inefficiencies. (Data centers are currently one of the company’s top expenses.)  More recently, they specifically directed their efforts at the data cooling system, using complex historical data to "train" DeepMind's AI technology to predict the future temperature and pressure of the data center.

The resulting extra-efficient system management will save the company hundreds of millions of dollars in the long run, and reduce total emissions.  Google plans to apply the technology to other business processes as well.  Read the full story here.

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