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Apple’s Newest Product Is Solar

AppleThe computer industry giant Apple hopes to have a new product for sale soon—solar energy.

It recently created a subsidiary called Apple Energy LLC with the intention of selling excess energy generated by its solar farms and hydroelectric plants in California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona and North Carolina.  Apple built the facilities for the purpose of using the energy to power its data centers, but they sometimes generate more power than the company needs.  Its data centers are already 100 percent powered by clean energy.

Following in the footsteps of Google, Apple is now seeking to secure Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval to sell the extra energy to “any purchaser that is not a franchised public utility affiliate,” according to filings with the FERC.  (Corporations typically sell surplus energy to power companies, and FERC has jurisdiction over most wholesale sales of power.)  If the application is approved, Apple will be able to sell its energy at market rates starting as early as August 5.

While the company is unlikely to become a power player in the energy market, it may be anticipating future growth needs—and trying to maximize the billions of dollars already invested in energy production.  Currently, 93 percent of the company’s operations worldwide—including its offices and retail stores—are powered by renewable sources, including the sun, wind, and water.  Read the full story.

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