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New Research Identifies Moneysaving Manufacturing Production Schedules

New Research Identifies Moneysaving ManufacturingIndustrial production managers may have a new tool available for reducing the cost of production.  Researchers at  The State University of New York at Binghamton say it’s possible for manufacturers to save more than 30 percent on their electrical bills by structuring production times to avoid critical-peak, or high-demand, electrical events, like hot summer afternoons.

Using electrical-rate data gathered over the past 10 years in California, where some areas of the state employ critical-peak pricing (CPP) to reduce electricity use in times of high demand, they determined that the cost of electricity can be up to 10 times higher during these events.  Also, the events are usually announced 24 hours in advance, giving businesses some lead time for rescheduling.

Businesses in New York State can benefit in a similar way by participating in demand response programs. To find out more about how demand response can boost your bottom line, visit our website.

While not all businesses are flexible enough to shift production schedules, those that are can benefit enormously from the ability to choose their electricity rate in this manner.  Aside from the cost savings, there are environmental benefits as well: The research showed that a byproduct of less electrical demand is a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.  In fact, the average industrial customer could cut its greenhouse gas emissions by more than 5 percent.  Read the full story.

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