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Google's Project Sunroof Expands Across the U.S.

Google's Sunroof ProjectGoogle's Project Sunroof is making waves, or perhaps we should say rays, as of late.  The solar energy initiative created by Google engineer Carl Elkin has just expanded to 42 states across the U.S.

Thanks to its extensive database of aerial images combined with 3D modeling, Google has the ability to analyze rooftops across America and determine whether they are suitable for solar panels.  Homeowners using Project Sunroof can discover how much they might save on electricity by going solar over the course of a 20-year lease, and even fine-tune the cost savings further by entering their electricity bill information.  This project will help Google expand and promote its solar power initiative by making the benefits of solar more tangible.

Project Sunroof is currently not available in Texas, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Idaho, South Dakota, Mississippi, Tennessee or the District of Columbia.  Available addresses may be limited in the states that are served.  Google hopes to reach all 50 states in the near future and have a high percentage of available addresses.  Read the full story.

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