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Millennials Influence Sustainability in Small Business According to Survey

MillenialsMillennials often get a bad rap for being obsessed with their smartphones or social media.  But according to a recent study, they are also obsessed with sustainability, and are likely to impact corporations’ energy efficiency initiatives as they continue to enter the workforce.

The survey, administered by Cox Enterprises, shows that 60 percent of millennials are dedicated to increasing sustainability initiatives within their organizations.  Compare that to the 49 percent of baby boomers who said the same.  Indeed, it appears that as millennials enter the business world and start assuming more leadership roles, corporations will begin focusing more intently on sustainable practices.

With that said, the survey also revealed that, as of right now, millennials feel like they lack the power to affect change within their organizations.  Only 27 percent of millennials in management roles feel that they have a great deal of influence on their companies’ sustainability initiatives.  In the future, however, millennials in leadership positions will likely implement more sustainable business activities than generations in the past.  Read the full story.

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