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Pentagon Plans to Reduce Its Staggering Energy Bill

PentagonRecently, the Pentagon announced a decision to reduce its enormous energy bill, which totals $4 billion.  The first government sector to be affected by this plan is the U.S. military.  For example, in the past, individual soldiers on the battlefield carried about 14 pounds of batteries to power GPS devices, radios, etc.  Today, they carry around 9 pounds.

The military will be instrumental in the Pentagon’s plan in other ways as well.  The U.S. government will be installing solar panels on forward operating bases in the Middle East, and the Marines have implemented GREENS, or the Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Network System.  This system enables soldiers to turn off generators, reducing heat and reducing energy consumption which also lowers spending.

The Pentagon plans to implement similar initiatives within the military over time, to reduce its energy bill and its carbon footprint.  It’s been a long-term challenge to put such programs into place, but it was well worth the effort: The Pentagon revealed that it has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 18 percent from 2008 to 2015.  Read the full story.

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