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A Look Inside the Green Biz 'State of Green Business Report 2016'

GreenBiz's "State of Green Business Report 2016" points out that, as a society, we can't simply "want" to make environmental changes; rather we "must" make them.  Specifically, the report suggests that we must find a way to remove the majority of the CO2 added to our atmosphere.  Clearly, this is a challenge, but the GreenBiz report offers various ways to use energy more wisely as well as to preserve renewable resources.

The authors of the report acknowledge the fact that we need fossil fuels since they are a major source of energy for the entire world.  As such, the goal needs to be focused on how to reduce carbon emissions generated from burning fossil fuels for energy.  But how can this be done?

According to the report, we can increase carbon recycling efforts.  Recycling carbon emissions does not eliminate the use of fossil fuels as an energy source, but can have a significant impact on carbon emissions.  Read the full story.

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