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Storage technology aims to lower solar cost

A solar energy storage company is looking for ways to reduce the cost of storing power generated by solar panels.
Developer BioSolar is looking at storage systems capable of quickly handling as much energy as possible.  Solar energy is only available during the day and during good weather.  To become a reliable energy source, solar power needs to be able to stored at periods of high production for use when production is low and demand remains high.  BioSolar’s technology currently under development uses battery banks to quickly store and dispatch the energy generated by the solar power system. Pairing solar panels and batteries means that power can be stored during the day and used at night, keeping electricity bills down.  Savings can also be seen during peak demand times when solar users don’t need to rely on the grid.
The Solar Energy Industries Association reports that demand for rooftop solar combined with storage systems will hit $1 billion within four years, creating demand for lower-cost storage solutions.

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