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Following the "Green" in the Green Building Boom

LEED, the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) certification program is getting credit for helping the green construction industry grow from $3 billion in 2005 to an expected $122 billion in 2015. The drivers behind LEED, architects, engineers, builders and suppliers who make up 89% of the USGBC voting membership, have also benefitted greatly themselves with that growth. Is that a bad thing? Many say it isn't because reform leading to more environmentally friendly building practices couldn't have happened without construction industry buy-in. The goal was to gain some traction, and then continue to refine and tighten the standards. Indeed, as each new versions of LEED have been launched, guidelines have become both stricter and more applicable to specific market sectors. See who benefits from LEED, and why.


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