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Interactive Map Illustrates World Energy Consumption

By clicking on a region or country, you can get a cartographic look at the global renewable picture.  There are also graphs that illustrate recent energy consumption by fuel type as well as predictions for future global consumption.  A look at North America shows that of the four categories of renewables (hydro, solar, wind and a fourth category combining geothermal, biomass and other), hydro accounts for 76.5% of consumption.  A look at the Middle East shows, as might be expected, a very low percentage of renewables vs. non-renewables (0.7%) and of that renewable consumption, 98.4% is hydro.  By contrast, Germany's renewables make up 9% of its fuel consumption with 38.1% from wind and 30.3% from geothermal/other with about 16% each from hydro and solar.

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