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  • Google's Project Sunroof Expands Across the U.S.

    Google's Sunroof ProjectGoogle's Project Sunroof is making waves, or perhaps we should say rays, as of late.  The solar energy initiative created by Google engineer Carl Elkin has just expanded to 42 states across the U.S.

    Thanks to its extensive database of aerial images combined with 3D modeling, Google has the ability ...

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  • Millennials Influence Sustainability in Small Business According to Survey

    MillenialsMillennials often get a bad rap for being obsessed with their smartphones or social media.  But according to a recent study, they are also obsessed with sustainability, and are likely to impact corporations’ energy efficiency initiatives as they continue to enter the workforce.

    The survey, administered by Cox Enterprises, shows ...

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  • Pentagon Plans to Reduce Its Staggering Energy Bill

    PentagonRecently, the Pentagon announced a decision to reduce its enormous energy bill, which totals $4 billion.  The first government sector to be affected by this plan is the U.S. military.  For example, in the past, individual soldiers on the battlefield carried about 14 pounds of batteries to power GPS devices, ...

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  • Countries and Corporations Form Agreement to Preserve Environmental Resources

    Sign Agreement

    In April, 170 countries and 110 major corporations came together to sign an agreement signifying their joint commitment to becoming more energy-efficient.  The United Nations, in conjunction with major companies such as DuPont and Johnson & Johnson, met to discuss the impact of climate policies such as the EPA’s Clean ...

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