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  • See the World’s First Model of an All-Green Grid

    All green gridOne of the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement was to establish a global electricity system that uses only renewable energy sources by 2030.  While the idea of a fully renewable electricity grid sounds like a fine idea in theory, actually visualizing and developing such a huge undertaking was an ...

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  • Super Yeast Has the Power to Improve Economics of Biofuels

    Power to Improve Economics of BiofuelsYeast has long stood as a staple ingredient for baking bread and brewing beer, but recent developments at the University of Wisconsin suggest that it may soon be making its way into fuel tanks as well. 

    Researchers at the university published a report explaining that by isolating certain genetic mutations ...

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  • Scientists Expect to Calculate Amount of Fuel Inside Earth by 2025

    Fuel Inside EarthThere was a time not long ago that a journey to the center of the earth was merely the stuff of science fiction.  In the not-too-distant future, we won’t even need to go to the center of the earth to see what’s below our planet’s surface.  That’s because, according to ...

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  • Elon Musk Moving Forward with 2017 Hyperloop Demo

    Propelled by a system of magnets and forced air, the hyperloop is not simply a faster way to travel.  It may become one of the most energy-efficient modes of mass transportation.  In addition, the infrastructure is potentially cost-effective, meaning that the design should be easily scalable to provide service around ...

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  • Engineers and Brewers Team Up to Create Energy Storage Cells

    Colorado UniversityResearchers at Colorado University and Boulder-based Avery Brewing recently partnered to develop a new bio-manufacturing process that uses brewery wastewater to create the carbon-based materials needed to make energy storage cells. 

    Until now, biomass has been hampered by limited supply, the difficulty of extracting quality material and the complex chemical ...

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