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  • New Technology Poised to Improve Electric Vehicle Efficiency

    Fuel-Efficient CarsResearchers at North Carolina State University recently developed a new type of inverter device that is poised to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry.  An inverter takes the DC current from the battery and changes it so it can be used by an AC motor.  The new inverter is lighter, smaller ...

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  • Food Waste Could Replace Batteries to Store Solar, Wind Energy

    Energy from food wasteResearchers from the American Chemical Society are on the verge of an energy storage breakthrough that may soon revolutionize the solar and wind industries while addressing another global challenge—food waste—at the same time.

    At present, batteries represent one of the most promising advances for large solar and wind farms trying ...

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  • Researchers Weave Electricity Generating Textiles

    If you thought Rumpelstiltskin’s ability to weave straw into gold was impressive, take a look at what researchers at the University of Georgia have just accomplished.  Using a commercial textile machine, the school’s scientists wove lightweight polymer fibers with electric nanogenerators to transform what appears to be a simple piece ...

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