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  • Converting Carbon Dioxide into Electricity

    For the greater part of history using energy has meant that humans had to be consumers.  Advances in the field of energy science provide the promise that one day, we’ll be able to harness green house gasses to create, instead of consume, energy.  Scientists at Cornell University may just have ...

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  • Recent Report Puts Biofuel Industry at $168 Billion and Rising

    BiofuelsAccording to a recent study released by Transparency Market Research, the global biofuels market has moved beyond the experimental stage and is now firmly entrenched for an innovative future with solid growth.  The research firm valued the global market at $168 billion this year, but anticipates steady growth in the ...

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  • Google’s DeepMind Makes Deep Cuts in Energy Usage

    Google DeepMindBack in 2014, Google bought an artificial intelligence (AI) startup called DeepMind Technologies. At the time, the business advantages the company hoped to gain were little understood by the general public.

    Now, more than two years later, one of those advantages has become clear: This summer, Google announced that the ...

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  • Plans for the United States’ Largest Wind Farm Gets the Green Light

    Iowa Wind FarmWe may not be able to grow money trees, but within the next three years Iowans will be pulling their energy out of thin air.  Thanks to a recent decision by the Iowa Utilities Board, the largest wind farm in the United States has been approved for construction and will ...

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